Lifting and two WODs

Today was another Tuesday. This meant there'd be a group workout! I was looking forward to that all day long.
But first I had to get my lifting done.

Today called for Deadlifts:

15x 1 @ 107,5 kg with 30 seconds rest in between sets.

I was concentrating on being fast from the bottom position. Not very heavy nor demanding, but sometimes you gotta lift light in order to lift big!

In the evening I met with Yerai and Jasper to coach them through the workout I had written for them.

7 rounds for time of:

1   ascend climb (the playground has got a climbing frame with poles ascending in quite a nice angle)
10 Squats
15 Burpees

I first wanted them to do 5 ascend climbs, but after giving it a try we decided on only doing one. As it turned out this was a good a choice. The climbs were difficult but the Burpees were the worst part. Incredible! They really got the best of all of us. Respect to the boys for finishing this killer!
Jasper was quite smoked, but we all looked the same. Good for us the battery died (once again, even though I charged it this afternoon) after this shot. Sorry Jasper, but I guess that means fate wanted you to be in my blog today.

After resting for about 5 - 10 minutes, I decided to do the workout which I was actually asigned to do, well at least half of it:

10 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
5 Pull Ups
9 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
4 Pull Ups
8 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
3 Pull Ups
7 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
2 Pull Ups
6 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
1 Pull Up
5 Sledgehammer Strikes/side

I fnished in 4:46 minutes!

I'd expected  at least 10 minutes! Great!
I wanted to do Towel Pull Ups, but the knots which I used to attach the towels to the bar wouldn't hold, so I did normal ones. This is ok, because the ascend climbs were sort of like towel pull ups.
I was getting into the "Zone" during the second WOD. My mind went into sleep mode and my body just worked. This is where I need to go more often, it's where the real work gets done!

I'll start implementing two WODs in my schedule from time to time. The Games will consist of several grueling workouts per day. I need to prepare body and mind for this!

Also I cooked some lamb today. Bought a nice leg (well not all of it, about 1,8 kilograms) for a reasonable price. I fried it and than put it in the oven to cook. I also got a huge bag of fresh spinache which I'll use for salad and cooking.
I'll take a foto as soon as the battery is recharged.

Stay fit and see you soon!

Good day after all!

I'm gonna make it short today.... somehow couldn't sleep and got up at 6.45 in the morning going straight to the desk to finish my work for the University. But I sort of got interrupted by my stupid housekeeper. Good old Hagemann. Well he made me clean out my room in order to have it painted. So I had to move all my stuff into Ben's room. Took me a while and some nerves before that was done.
Afterwards I got back to my work which I finally finished today. Yeah!

When I started my workout in the afternoon I was feeling very tired and didn't really want to work out. But good thing I did so.

I did Squats 3x10 @ 130kg (like last week) The target was to get more consecutive reps, which I accomplished.
First set were 6 and 4
Second set 5, 3 and 2
Third set 5, 2, 2 and 1

Afterwards I went for a 1RM Push Jerk. I started at 70 kg and worked my way up to insane 97,5kg!!!! Couldn't believe it! 97,5kg overhead. Remember me moaning about my overhead strength? Well, it seems the hard work is finally starting to pay of.
Unfortunately I didn't have any energy left to complete the second part of the WOD 150 Push Ups without rest, if you rest you gotta sprint 35 meters. i might include that tmorrow, or not. Feel quite done for a days work and am looking forward to a bed (won't be sleeping in my bed today....remember, my room is freshly painted and all my stuff is in Ben's room).

For those who don't know what a Push Jerk is... check this out!
Press Progression

Night and see you tomorrow!

Lifts Compilation I

Here's the promised video of my recent lifts. I've been sitting at the desk all day writing on my essay and still got work to finish up. So I won't say anymore but leave you with the images.

Lifts Compilation I from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

Snatches and high Jumps, pretty damn high

Yeah! Today rocked!
I had planned on doing a one-on-one session with René, which sort of turned out into the biggest group we've had so far, just a few minutes before everything started. A few friends jumped on the train and decided they wanted to give the thing a shot. And I believe they had fun. This of course meant I'd have to change everything last minute and get creative. I remembered a CrossFit WOD called "Baseball" (five stations, rotation, I believe you are getting the point), but than decided to go for an all time classic. The mighty "FIGHT GONE BAD"

This workout was created to simulate the meatabolic demands of a martial arts fight. Three to five rounds of five different excercises, each performed for one minute, one minute rest and than the repition of the cycle.
Check out Fight Gone Bad if you want to know more about it, see which excercises originally were used or watch a video of the workout.

As I didn't have the material to do the original Fight Gone Bad, I had to improvise.
In the end the excercises I went with were:

Jump Rope
Kettlebell Deadlifts
Overhead Lunges
Sledgehammer Strikes
Shoulder Press

I didn't do the WOD, as I wanted to make sure I was there to coach and kick their asses when they were trying to rest. Good thinking. Also I wanted to stick to my program, which called for another workout.

I was very happy with the result. The boys gave their best and I think when it was all over enjoyed the feeling of accomlishment and complete destruction. It's amazing how peer pressure and group dynamics can boost performance! Incredible!

Afterwards I did my own WOD, while the guys were watching.

Complete the following for time:
15 Power Snatches @ 50 kg
30 Box Jumps @ 1 m (I used a ping pong table)
10 Power Snatches @ 50 kg
20 Box Jumps @ 1 m
5 Power Snatches @ 50 kg
10 Box Jumps @ 1 m

I was able to complete the WOD in under ten minutes, 9:27 minutes acutally and was stoked. At least after I came to my senses again, which hasn't been to long ago. Cool thing. As I said before, I push myself much harder when I got people watching..

I'll upload the promised compilation of me lifting tomorrow. The video is all set and ready, but neither Vimeo nor Youtube did want me to upload today. So it's gotta wait till tomorrow.
I'll be going out tonight, hope you guys have fun, too!

See you soon!

Thunderstorms and Heavy Lifting

I'll be making it short, still got work to finish for the University.
Well, today was a good training day.
The SWOD was as follows:

5x 3 Power Cleans @ 80 kg
5x 1 Deadlift @ 140, 150, 160 (fail), 140, 140

I couldn't lift my previous best of 165kg, but after doing the heavy Cleans right before and with the Pull-Ups and Air Squats from yesterdays' "Cindy" still in my system (my Lats and Quads are pretty sore, no wonder, I did 45 Pull Ups and 120 Air Squats in 10 minutes) I couldn't expect to get very best. I'm still pretty satisfied. The 150 kg went up like nothing, so I guess when I'm going for it rested and fresh I'll easily pull out a new PR ont the Deads.
Afterwards I was supposed to do three sets with maximum repetitions of Strict Pull-Ups. But while I was still lifting, the sky broke open and poured out water bucketwise. There was a decent amount of thunder, lightning and wind involved, so I guess I can easily call it a thunderstorm! And as my only Pull-Up bar is out at the playground I decided not to risk being struck by lightning or branches flying around, but to wait till the weather changed. Unfortunately it hasn't done so yet, so probably no Pull-Ups today. Funny thing I did them yesterday when programming didn't call for it. So it won't be such a huge miss if I'm not going to do them today.

Today's daily WOD would've been sprint and agility work again. But the weather problem applies to this, too. So I'll hopefully be able to do it tomorrow. As you all remember tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday means running anyways. If I'll do the sprint work, I was supposed to do today, I might not be able to do the other running I had planned. Too bad... I guess I'll rather do the Saturday WOD, which I've been skipping to get the running in, in order to work on my metabolic pathways. Sometimes it's kinda funny how everything works out in the end.

To keep the spirits up when the weather is like this I'll just provide you with some food porn. Nothing fancy, just some stuff I recently ate. Enjoy!

The first pick is a huge bowl of salad (obviously). It's got all sorts of nice things like avocado, feta cheese, carrots, tomtatos, red cabbage (I bought a whole head about a week ago and though I've been having red cabbage at least once a day, there's still some left.... I can assure you that I won't be having any for a long time after this is gone...)

Paleo Salad
Healthy Paleo Dinner
Well this is some chicken breast with a nice portion of the salad you saw above.

The next one is grilled chicken breast, baked with cheese on ruccola and tomato (had that about two weeks ago, just so you don't think I'm having chicken breast with salad day in, day out....)
Another meal as prescribed by the paleolithic diet.
This one was breakfast a few days ago, it sort of explains itself I believe....
Paleo Breakfast

Hope I didn't get you all too hungry...

See you tomorrow!

Back on Track

Today was great! The weather was nice and for the evening there was a group workout planned.
I did my strength stuff during lunch time, after moving all the furniture out of Ben's room and cleaning it, which as I believe, was the first time this room had ever been cleaned....
Anyways. I had a nice, empty, big room all for myself and my equipment and this sort of transfered to my strength.
The program called for:

5x 1 Overhead Squats
5x 1 Bench Press (I did Shoulder Presses instead as I haven't got a bench yet)

Overhead Squats are not really my strength. I've been going on over my overhead strength a few times in different posts, so I guess you are all well familiar with my problem. Well, today something happened. I sort of "perfected" my technic, or let's say I found some points which where more or less easy to improve. This led to a huge PR!!!
My previous 1RM was at 65 kg. Well today I pushed it to 72,5 kg!!! That's an increase by 7,5 kg. Very nice. And for the first time the OHS felt good. My wrist didn't hurt and I felt more or less stable at the bottom position.
The best thing is that things didn't end with this PR. I expected to be tired and without strength left in the shoulders but I proved myself wrong.
I was able to reestablish my previous PR of 85kg for 1RM failing at 90kg in the next set. Couldn't believe it. Very cool!

In the evening I worked out with René and Rik at the playground next to my place. My own programming called for sprint and jump drills, but I mixed things up in order to be able to work out with the boys. We did 1/2 a "Cindy" which is:

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5   Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

I was able to do 8 rounds and complete the Pull-Ups of round 9 before the clock stopped. As I expected the Pull-Ups were hard on the boys, but I they'll get used to it soon enough.
We finished things up with some Handstand Holds. All in all I'll focus upper body strengthening for the two of them. Stability in the trunk is definitely one of their weaknesses!
I brought my camera to take some shots but I forgot to do so.... when the group becomes bigger I won't be able to work out together with them anymore, because I'll have to do a lot of coaching. So I guess I'll be able to take some nice action shots, then. I'll ask them to stay and watch me doing the workout after they finished, so I still get the "group-effect". They won't be able to move anyways for the next ten minutes after each WOD so I got plenty of time.
I had a lot of fun today working out with the two. I can push a lot harder working out in a group!
I taped myself doing the lifts in order to check my technic. But lifts are very boring to watch, if you don't know what to look for. So I might do a compilation of different lifts in the coming days to keep it interesting.

My rest day post will have to wait a while. I'm still stuck with some work for the university. I'd rather much write about something sports, nutrition, rest or whatever related. But the work has to get done...
Hope you guys don't mind waiting a little longer. I promise it'll be a good one!

See you tomorrow!

Catch up Tuesday

Well, so I just got back from the playground. Man, this was harder than expected. I was lacking grip strength, so I had to break the Pull-Ups down into 3s, 2s and 1s. Shitty. Also the Towel Pull-Ups do work the back quite different than ordinary ones. But I still got the work done fast.
Unfortunately, I don't know how fast. I didn't take a stopwatch (I forgot it but remembered half way down and decidd that the watch of the camera would be sufficient.). Yeah, I was going to take a video, that was if the battery of the camera hadn't let me down. So neither do I have the time in which I completed the 7 rounds, nor do I have footage of me doing so. That sucks.... at least I got the beginning on tape and will be able to share the nice spring workout in the sun, which by the way has been shining all day. I tend to believe that sunhine is a big bonus on all my endaveours. Not for the obvious Vitamin D reason (which I decided to write about tomorrow), but just because I like it.

So, although I'm apreciating you reading this at this moment, I'd rather much like you to see get out and play, workout or just enjoy the weather! It's very healthy. Get back to the computer when it's dark!

Spring WOD from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

See you tomorrow!

Monday and Tuesday Wrap Up

Hello and welcome back again.
Well, as you all know I took a few days off in order to give myself and my body some well needed rest. Things got so far last week that I couldn't get into lifting positions nor generate power through the hip because of soreness which mainly affected my hamstrings but of leaked out to my quads, hip extensors and lower back. So a prolonged rest was called for. The best thing about it is, that I didn't have to do the running on Saturday! Hooray!

So yesterday I started into a new week of training. The program called for 3 x 10 reps of my 5 RM Squat. It was allowed to rack the bar in between reps, but the goal was to get as many consecutive reps as possible. The rest between the sets was three minutes long.
This was a good one. I went with 130 kg which isn't my 5 RM weight, but it was a good choice. I was able to get 6-3-2-1 reps in the first, 5-3-2 reps in the second and 5-2-1-2 reps in the third set.

Monday's WOD was a Triplet of:

AMRAP in 15 minutes (subbed to 10 minutes) of:
5 Push Jerks or Split Jerks 155 lbs (subbed by HSPU's)
7 Push Ups
Sprint 1/2 Gasser

This was the first WOD we did as a group. I've decided to take things to a higher level by doing group workouts at least two time a week. I do this beacuse it's much more fun, I practice my coaching skills and it gives me another burst of motivation to push through when my sight goes blurry and I start to ask myself why I'm doing this :-D

We subbed the Jerks because I only got one bar and the fun of it is working out at the same time. Also HSPU's are not my strength so I felt working on them would help.
The boys did a lower count of HSPU's, as obviously their are not yet strong enough to do so many of them. Oliviér (still don't know if this is written like this) didn't want to do the HSPU's. He didn't say why, but he decided to go for Sit Ups instead. This of course changes the workout totally as Sit-Ups are not half as demanding and also target a totally different area and movement of the body. Well his miss, I think he should've tried them at least, but I guess he was afraid of falling on the head or something.

I originally wanted to do 15 minutes but after 5 rounds and 10 minutes I wasn't able to do a single HSPU so I quit at that point. Again the HSPU's stopped me from getting a better count on a WOD. That sucks.... gotta work on that. I might implement some static handstand holds once or twice a week. That should settle the problem over time.

Today's strength workout was 15x 1 Deadlifts @ 65% of 1 RM with 30 seconds rest. Easy one, I'll go up with the weight next time, as this one wasn't even challenging. I used 107.5 kg for all 15 reps.

After finishing this post I'll use the wonderfull weather to get a nice workout at the playground next to my place. It's going to be seven rounds for time of:

7 Towel Pull Ups
7 Ball Slams @ 16 kg

This will be a "balls to the wall". I will go all out and finish as fast as possible.

Tomorrow will be a rest day, but after not being active here for such a long time, I might post a "Rest Day" article about something interesting. I've got a few topics which I'd like to adress, so we'll see....

Stay fit and see you soon!

Took a few days of


just to keep you on track. As proposed in Wednesday's post, I was thinking about taking an extra day of because my hamstrings were so freakin' sore. Well, it turned out one day wasn't really enough. I could barely move on Thursday and Friday wasn't any better. So I took the whole weekend of and will get back tomorrow.
Sometimes it's better to take a few days off, in order to keep the intensity during workouts high. If you are very sore or don't feel well ("being not in the mood" is not included here) I'd always suggest to take an extra day so you can hit it hard again afterwards. Of course I'm always a "little" sore after my workouts. But when the soreness starts to really interfere with my ability to move and create power, I found it to be more productive to rest.

Hope you all had a nice weeend and enjoy the sunday.
See  you tomorrow

Rest!!! And Yesterday's Workouts

Today's a rest day! More than needed! Fell like having two in a row, but I'll decide that tomorrow.

On a rest day simply lay on your back.

Let's talk about yesterday first.
The work supposed to be done was the following:
Strength WOD:
5 RM Deadlift (RM = repetition maximum, so I was supposed to do a set of 5 repetitions with the maximum  weight possible)
1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 Weighted Pull Ups

Daily WOD:
8 x 200m sprints, rest 2:1 (this means I rest double the time I needed for the previous sprint, before doing the next one)

Well, I got to the gym in the morning and started warming up for the Deads. As always I did some dynamical stretching, some pull ups, some air squats and some push ups before warming up with the specific movement.
I than started with the empty barbell, already feeling my sore hams/lower back from Monday's workouts. I progressed to 5x 70kg, than 5x 140 kg. The 140's already felt pretty heavy, but I was eager to pr and my previous 5 RM had been 160 kg. So I decided to attack the 170 kg.
Bad idea.... the bar moved about 5 centimeters and that was it. I got a little frustrated  and stripped the weight down to 165 kg (Thinking of it now this is horrendus! I pr'd on 5x5 Squats on Monday and was trying to lift my 1 RM for five reps after already putting effort into 170 kg??? Stupid me, but sometimes I get pigheaded and also I'm not very good with numbers while working out. Not that I am in general, but that is another topic.)
I was able to pull the 165 kg once (which reestablished my 1 RM, thinking of it now, very cool!!!). But that was it.  I still didn't see how well I had performed and wanted to at least do a 5 RM with 150 kg, but I wasn't even able to pick the bar of the ground.
I was so frustrated at that moment that I decided to skip the Pull Ups and go home.

After having a nice meal and doing some university related stuff which cleared my head I decided to tackle the Pull Ups and the sprints in the evening, even though I had played with the thought of skipping them before.
Turns out it was a good thing I did them. Everything went very smooth.
I used my 24 kg Kettlebell for the weighted Pull Ups and that was freakin' easy. So easy in fact that I didn't do my normal 3 minutes rest time, but pulled them out with aproximately 30 secs rest in between sets. Afterwards I felt much better and played around a bit on the playground where I was doing the pull ups.
The playground is part of the school next to my residence and is actually very cool. They got some ropes, pull up bars and other neat stuff to play around and work out with. Too bad I had never seen it before, as it is hidden behind trees and I only went over the property from time to time during nights, taking a shortcut home.
After playing around for about ten minutes I started the sprinting. I walked down a track, which I thought was about 200 meters and started to sprint. Considering my world record time of 12 seconds, I guess it was more like 100 meters. 12 seconds for 200 meters would've been faster than Bolt would ever be able to go :-D Guess my steps are smaller than I thought. Anyways, I sticked with the 100 m and didn't time the rest as I only had one stopwatch, but I tried to do it by counting (Though as I mentioned before, I'm not very good with numbers while working out).
The first four sprints were ok, though 12 secs for a 100 m sprint isn't really fast. Afterwards my posterior chain totally jacked up and I got slower and slower. I think my slowest time was somewhere beyond 20 seconds.
My average was 18,75 seconds. Need to work on that. My acceleration wasn't exactly like I wanted it to be, so explosiveness is missing aswell.

Today I could barely get out of bed. Feeling sore all over, especially on the backside from the neck downwards to my calves, everything is burning in pain. I guess I'll be doing some hot/cold shower stuff for regeneration today. If I still fell like this tomorrow, I'll postpone the workout by one day, but as I said, I'll decide that tomorrow.

I got a little goodie for you guys. The long promised video. I didn't find a way to fast-forward it. But while I was reviewing the thing, I realized how many breaks I took (really sad, more than five minutes of the 15 minute workout, I'm doing nothing but breathing heavy and looking stupid!) So I cut out all that bullshit and voilà, we've got a nine minute video. I'm a bit embarrassed putting this online because it's not really one of my best workouts, but I guess you gotta keep honest.
So 3-2-1 here we go:

WOD 12.03.2010 from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

See you guys tomorrow. I'll be trying to get rid of my soreness now!

Monday WOD 15.03.2010

Today's Workouts were as following:

Strength WOD:
Heavy Back Squats 5x5 @ 140 kg  with five mins rest in between sets (PR!)

Daily WOD:
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 x 90 kg Anyway Overhead  (I scaled this down to 65 kg and used a Push Jerk for all the reps)
10 Push Ups
15 Back Extensions  (I subbed this one with stiff-legged Dumbell Deadlifts @ 30 kg)

Did six rounds and all the Push Jerks + 7 Push Ups from round seven.

I'm very satisfied with this. I pr'd both on the Squats (my previous PR for 5x5 was @ 135 kg) and on the DWOD. Last time I did this one was on the 25th of January. I got seven full rounds but only used 50 kg for the overhead work. This is an improvement of 15 kg in only one and a half month. Absolutely incredible. But as I said before, there still is room for improvement on my overhead lifting.

All in all a very nice day, allthough the Squats felt pretty heavy and the stupidity of the members of my gym, aswell as the ignorance of the so called "trainers" being around (I don't use the term "working" for a purpose) are more and more getting on my nerves. Wel I guess you can't have it all.
It's late already and I'm going to bed now. I might watch a movie or something. The Erasmus are having a party in the living room, but I guess they'll be gone in a moment. So a movie seems like a good idea.

Keep it up and see you tomorrow!

Running on a Sunday

Hello and good day to you, the few, hopefully following my Blog!
Today I did what I promised you yesterday, I went out to run. As I live next to the forrest, which treasures a few very nice trail runs, I did my running in the woods.
There are several advantages to running in the woods rather than the city. First, there is the ground, it's softer than asphalt which makes it more joint-friendly. Also, it's uneven, which makes it more challenging to stabilize. Then there is the fresh air, not directly polluted by cars, providing you with huge amounts of oxygen. This, by the way, can have a positive effect on your recovery. So doing a run in the forrest from time to time might be a good idea. Of course this factor is much bigger when the trees acutally got leaves producing oxygen. In the summer so to say.
Then there are no, or only very few bikers, so you are not in danger of being run over so often. Well and of course you got the nature, with birds and animals, some Nordic Walkers with sticks, people with dogs, dogs with people, dogs with people and sticks, some other runners and so on.
But all the nice things about running in the woods couldn't change the major detail of me, not being in favour of running. I don't really know what people get out of it or why they do it for hours and hours. It must be some sort of addiction or obsession to/with dullness. Or more probable the addiction to the endorphine high you get while running but only are really able to enjoy after the run, because before that you need all your will-power to go on running. If runners knew they'd get the same "high" by doing a four minute Tabata Workout or lifting heavy-ass weights or anything else, they'd probably stop running.
The reason why your body is producing endorphines while running is a simple one. Endorphines are used to suppress pain. When a human body is confronted with a dangerous situation it usually produces adrenaline in order to make you react quicker and endorphines, anticipating pain and therefore trying to suppress it, so you'll still be able to move after, let's say, the dog bit you.
"The term endorphin rush has been adopted in popular speech to refer to feelings of exhilaration brought on by pain, danger, or other forms of stress, supposedly due to the influence of endorphins. When a nerve impulse reaches the spinal cord, endorphins are released which prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signals. Immediately after injury, endorphins allow animals to feel a sense of power and control over themselves that allows them to persist with activity for an extended time."  [; 14.03.2010; 15.16 GTM]
So the good feeling you get after running is not a sign from your body saying "Thank you, you have done something to keep me healthy!" but rather a survival-reaction indicating you hurt yourself. Let that sink...

Anyhow, enough with the trash-talk about running. I did one of the trails in the forrest today, which took me 23.12 minutes. I don't kno how many kilometers this was(I'll check later on googlemaps), but it went uphill and downhill all the time, so it was pretty challenging. Also the weather/ground conditions were a bit of a problem. When I stepped out of the door it started to rain... again. "Great" I thought, anticipating being soaked once I got back from the run. but luckily the rain stopped as quickly as it had begun. Still the ground was a mess and I was feeling quite smart, having decided earlier to run in my football shoes which provided go contraction all the time, even when things got very muddy. I think some of the hills would have provided a real problem and I might have slipped from time to time with other shoes. Good I'm a smart one, eh?
Here's a pic of my shoes, I roughly cleaned them beacuse I'm sure they'll get dirty again soon enough.

I guess running 23 minutes won't do the trick in the long run (play of words ^^). But I'll be upping the volume in the weeks to come leading up to one seven to ten kilometer run before the actual event. The rest of my conditioning will be done via metabolic workouts, as described in earlier posts.

That's it for the day. Well, maybe I get the video thing going, but I got other stuff to get done aswell, so don't count on it.

Friday WOD and a lazy Saturday

So.... yesterday's WOD. Well to be honest I got a bit mixed up with the program and did the strength stuff I was supposed to do on Friday, on Thursday. I guess it was all the blogging which made me nervous or something ;-)
Anyhow. As I was originally supposed to do Bench Presses on Thursday, which as you all now I didn't do, because Thursday's entry says Snatches for my strength work, I decided to do Bench Presses on Friday.
I was supposed to do 5x1 with the same weight each time. My current PR on the bench is 140 kg for one rep. So I decided to go for 135 for 5x1.
Obviously my Shoulders, Triceps and Pecs were a little smoked from Thursday's dips. So after pushing out the first 135kg in a huge struggle I decided to go down to 130 kg. This turned out to be ther perfect weight. Each rep was a big fight and I always had a spotter beacuase I wasn't sure if I was going to finish the next rep after only three minutes of rest in between sets. But everything worked out fine and I was quite happy. Sure, I'd loved to go 135 kg and find out it was so easy I could even do my PR weight for 5x1 but I gave it my best and pushed as hard as possible, so I guess I'm good.
During the Daily WOD I finally had to pay the price for mixing up the program. The workout was as follows:
Do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 Deadlifts @ 142,5 kg (I scaled it down to 120kg as my current PR for DLs is only 165 kg)
5 Handstand Pushups (I will refer to these as HSPU in the following)
50 m Sprints (I subbed these by Burpees as sprinting in the Gym is impossible)

Well.... the Deadlifts were easy but I believe I did the right thing by scaling down, because if I hadn't failed so early on the HSPUs I would have done more rounds and the weight would have been just perfect.
So I already gave it away, the HSPUs killed me in the end. I guess the Bench Press before already took away some of my pressing strength. The Burpees did the rest to my already sore shoulders. In round five I wasn't able to complete the Handstand Pushups and that was it for me.
Overhead strength still is one of my weaknesses and I definitely need to work on that.
I did a video of the happening but I'm still fighting with the technic. I'd like to sort of fast forward it beacuse fifteen minutes is quite long to watch, especially if I do the same movements all over. I've tried different programs such as the new Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate HD and Windows Movie Maker, but I couldn't find any method to do what I want. As soon as I got this fixed I'll upload the vid. I already registered at Vimeo, which is like youtube but you can upload videos longer than ten minutes.

This brings me to today. As you all now, Saturdays are reserved for running... well... it was raining today. I don't like running nor rain. The combination of both made me stay in today. I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow and run no matter if it's raining, snowing or the world comes to its end. But today wasn't the day.
CrossFit in Germany is not an easy thing. It's raining all the time so that I'm never able to un. Poor me.

As the video isn't finished yet and there is nothing to tell about running today, because I didn't run I took a picture of my lunch and dinner.

Curry Soup with ground beef and salad.

Nothing special, but it's yummie. I'll get me another plate right now :-D
See you tomorrow!

WOD 11.03.10

Went to McFit today with Dave and Daniel. They are following their own programm, but it's always nice not to have to go on your own and to have someone to talk to. Especially as I'm having my strict rest times in between sets of strength work.
Anyways, training was good today, though it really kicked my ass.

SWOD: Power Snatch 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1              3 mins rest in between efforts
                                    1x 50 kg
                                    1x 55 kg
                                    1x 60 kg
                                    1x 65 kg
                                    1x 70 kg    PR!!!
                                    1x 65 kg
                                    1x 65 kg

DWOD: ten rounds for time of
3 Frontsquats @ bodyweight = 85 kg
5 Dips
7 Knees-to-Elbows

I finished this one in 15:35 mins. I believe I could have pushed it a little harder in the beginning but the Frontsquats were really getting to me in the end.

In general I'm quite satisfied with today. I PR'd on the Power Snatches (I'll definitely need to do some technique work on these, hopefully my seminar in May will fix some of my problems).
I actually wanted to take a Video, but I forgot the camera in the locker room and was too lazy to get it.
Will do one tomorrow though.
Tonight is football, two german teams to watch.
Fun stuff! See you tomorrow for another round of this.

The Beginning of the Journey

Today is the day!
I've been playing with the thought of blogging for quite a while. I believe it's a perfect way to keep track of my training, nutrition,sleep and all the other stuff going on, and sharing my experiences with others, maybe setting an example even. But I've always been dreading the responsibility of keeping a blog. Because obviously you'll need to have some sort of frequent blogging done, if you want this to be interesting for other people and in any way sensefull. Also my training never had a "real" target before, so I wasn't sure if just keeping track of training and nutrition without a goal was interesting enough.

Well things have changed. I'm hereby anouncing my new plans:

1. I'm going to run the half-marathon in Hannover on May the 2nd 2010.

2. I will be partcipating in various competitions such as the Fit as F*ck Challenge in Copenhagen.

3. I'm going to take part in the 2011 European qualifiers leading up to the 2011 CrossFit Games.

This blog is going to describe my journey up to the qualifiers and hopefully following to that, the games. Dreaming big here!

I'll just say a few things regarding the two different goals.

The first one, the half-marathon. Well, I've never been big on running. I simply don't like it, it's boring, monostructural work. Also, with my weight increasing over time, it cost me more and more effort to run. At the moment I weigh about 88 kg at aproximately 11% bodyfat. For a guy only being 1,80 m this is quite a bit of weight. So running long distances sometimes hurts my feet.
As it is my overall goal to be the fittest I can be, it is not an option to leave running behind. I want to be able to run fast for short distances but on the other end have the ability to go for long distances without having to make a huge effort and being in need for a week of rest afterwards. So when the topic came up while I was working at the CeBit 2010 this year and one of my friends said he would run the half-marathon, I didn't really give it much of a thought and said I'd join in.
This is also going to be a self-experiment as I'm not planning on changing much in my actual programming.
I'm following the programming of John Wellbourne and his staff which is freely accessible on Momentarily I do the Collegiate Strength WODs and have reached a level where I can do at least 75% of the daily WODs without having to scale them down.
So while this programm implements quite a decent amount of sprint work (obviously as it's originally for football players) there is no long distance running. I'm not planning on abandoning this programm as I've seen and continue to see immense gains in strenght as well as endurance. But not having run longer distances for such a long time, I will have to do some of it simply to prepare my joints and muscle for the different kind of work. So I've decided to leave out the Saturday WOD in order to get some running done. I will mix things up, doing long distances, hill runs, sprint intervalls and so on. My goal however is not to run more than a 10k before the 2nd of May and hopefully only do this once.
So the bottom line is: I'm going to run 21 km without doing a lot of specialized preparation for it. We'll see how this turns out.

This brings us to my second endeavour, the CrossFit Games!
I've been following CrossFit now for about 3/4 of a year. During this period I've made imense progress in strength, endurance, flexibility, power and speed aswell as in will-power! I've learned and still am learning a bunch of new movements which I implement in my training. I've started using "strange" instruments for working out. Here are just a few examples:

Kettlebells und Sledgehammer
My Sledgehammer (a recent present from the boys) and my two beloved Kettlebells. The sledgehammer only weighs 5 kg but doing Tabata intervalls with it is one the most grueling things ever. The kettlebells I use for swings, slams(Which is why the 16kg is very dirty at the moment, I slammed it about 40cm depp into the ground for 75 times a few days ago. This made the picking up much harder than the actual slamming) cleans, snatches, turkish get-ups and many other things. You just have to love them.

Selbstgemachtes CrossFit Equipment
This is some of my homemade equipment. Two Med-Balls, one is about 10 kg and the other one about 8 kg. I use them for Wall Balls, Ball-Slams, Med-Ball Cleans and some overhead stuff.
Sandbags which I use for sandbag-sprints, they are about 20 kg and 10 kg.
Also a jumprope, not homemade, which I should use much more often...

So, after doing CrossFit for a period of time without having any special goal I've now decided that I'd like to step up and get into the game by competing at different events to test my fitness. The ultimate goal being the CrossFit Games. This is however going to be a tough one, as the people competing there don't seem to be human. Acutally they are all BEASTS and MEAN-MACHINES (check it out at
But do not fear, I still got on year.

This ends my first post. More to come soon!