Back on Track

Today was great! The weather was nice and for the evening there was a group workout planned.
I did my strength stuff during lunch time, after moving all the furniture out of Ben's room and cleaning it, which as I believe, was the first time this room had ever been cleaned....
Anyways. I had a nice, empty, big room all for myself and my equipment and this sort of transfered to my strength.
The program called for:

5x 1 Overhead Squats
5x 1 Bench Press (I did Shoulder Presses instead as I haven't got a bench yet)

Overhead Squats are not really my strength. I've been going on over my overhead strength a few times in different posts, so I guess you are all well familiar with my problem. Well, today something happened. I sort of "perfected" my technic, or let's say I found some points which where more or less easy to improve. This led to a huge PR!!!
My previous 1RM was at 65 kg. Well today I pushed it to 72,5 kg!!! That's an increase by 7,5 kg. Very nice. And for the first time the OHS felt good. My wrist didn't hurt and I felt more or less stable at the bottom position.
The best thing is that things didn't end with this PR. I expected to be tired and without strength left in the shoulders but I proved myself wrong.
I was able to reestablish my previous PR of 85kg for 1RM failing at 90kg in the next set. Couldn't believe it. Very cool!

In the evening I worked out with René and Rik at the playground next to my place. My own programming called for sprint and jump drills, but I mixed things up in order to be able to work out with the boys. We did 1/2 a "Cindy" which is:

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5   Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

I was able to do 8 rounds and complete the Pull-Ups of round 9 before the clock stopped. As I expected the Pull-Ups were hard on the boys, but I they'll get used to it soon enough.
We finished things up with some Handstand Holds. All in all I'll focus upper body strengthening for the two of them. Stability in the trunk is definitely one of their weaknesses!
I brought my camera to take some shots but I forgot to do so.... when the group becomes bigger I won't be able to work out together with them anymore, because I'll have to do a lot of coaching. So I guess I'll be able to take some nice action shots, then. I'll ask them to stay and watch me doing the workout after they finished, so I still get the "group-effect". They won't be able to move anyways for the next ten minutes after each WOD so I got plenty of time.
I had a lot of fun today working out with the two. I can push a lot harder working out in a group!
I taped myself doing the lifts in order to check my technic. But lifts are very boring to watch, if you don't know what to look for. So I might do a compilation of different lifts in the coming days to keep it interesting.

My rest day post will have to wait a while. I'm still stuck with some work for the university. I'd rather much write about something sports, nutrition, rest or whatever related. But the work has to get done...
Hope you guys don't mind waiting a little longer. I promise it'll be a good one!

See you tomorrow!

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