The Beginning of the Journey

Today is the day!
I've been playing with the thought of blogging for quite a while. I believe it's a perfect way to keep track of my training, nutrition,sleep and all the other stuff going on, and sharing my experiences with others, maybe setting an example even. But I've always been dreading the responsibility of keeping a blog. Because obviously you'll need to have some sort of frequent blogging done, if you want this to be interesting for other people and in any way sensefull. Also my training never had a "real" target before, so I wasn't sure if just keeping track of training and nutrition without a goal was interesting enough.

Well things have changed. I'm hereby anouncing my new plans:

1. I'm going to run the half-marathon in Hannover on May the 2nd 2010.

2. I will be partcipating in various competitions such as the Fit as F*ck Challenge in Copenhagen.

3. I'm going to take part in the 2011 European qualifiers leading up to the 2011 CrossFit Games.

This blog is going to describe my journey up to the qualifiers and hopefully following to that, the games. Dreaming big here!

I'll just say a few things regarding the two different goals.

The first one, the half-marathon. Well, I've never been big on running. I simply don't like it, it's boring, monostructural work. Also, with my weight increasing over time, it cost me more and more effort to run. At the moment I weigh about 88 kg at aproximately 11% bodyfat. For a guy only being 1,80 m this is quite a bit of weight. So running long distances sometimes hurts my feet.
As it is my overall goal to be the fittest I can be, it is not an option to leave running behind. I want to be able to run fast for short distances but on the other end have the ability to go for long distances without having to make a huge effort and being in need for a week of rest afterwards. So when the topic came up while I was working at the CeBit 2010 this year and one of my friends said he would run the half-marathon, I didn't really give it much of a thought and said I'd join in.
This is also going to be a self-experiment as I'm not planning on changing much in my actual programming.
I'm following the programming of John Wellbourne and his staff which is freely accessible on Momentarily I do the Collegiate Strength WODs and have reached a level where I can do at least 75% of the daily WODs without having to scale them down.
So while this programm implements quite a decent amount of sprint work (obviously as it's originally for football players) there is no long distance running. I'm not planning on abandoning this programm as I've seen and continue to see immense gains in strenght as well as endurance. But not having run longer distances for such a long time, I will have to do some of it simply to prepare my joints and muscle for the different kind of work. So I've decided to leave out the Saturday WOD in order to get some running done. I will mix things up, doing long distances, hill runs, sprint intervalls and so on. My goal however is not to run more than a 10k before the 2nd of May and hopefully only do this once.
So the bottom line is: I'm going to run 21 km without doing a lot of specialized preparation for it. We'll see how this turns out.

This brings us to my second endeavour, the CrossFit Games!
I've been following CrossFit now for about 3/4 of a year. During this period I've made imense progress in strength, endurance, flexibility, power and speed aswell as in will-power! I've learned and still am learning a bunch of new movements which I implement in my training. I've started using "strange" instruments for working out. Here are just a few examples:

Kettlebells und Sledgehammer
My Sledgehammer (a recent present from the boys) and my two beloved Kettlebells. The sledgehammer only weighs 5 kg but doing Tabata intervalls with it is one the most grueling things ever. The kettlebells I use for swings, slams(Which is why the 16kg is very dirty at the moment, I slammed it about 40cm depp into the ground for 75 times a few days ago. This made the picking up much harder than the actual slamming) cleans, snatches, turkish get-ups and many other things. You just have to love them.

Selbstgemachtes CrossFit Equipment
This is some of my homemade equipment. Two Med-Balls, one is about 10 kg and the other one about 8 kg. I use them for Wall Balls, Ball-Slams, Med-Ball Cleans and some overhead stuff.
Sandbags which I use for sandbag-sprints, they are about 20 kg and 10 kg.
Also a jumprope, not homemade, which I should use much more often...

So, after doing CrossFit for a period of time without having any special goal I've now decided that I'd like to step up and get into the game by competing at different events to test my fitness. The ultimate goal being the CrossFit Games. This is however going to be a tough one, as the people competing there don't seem to be human. Acutally they are all BEASTS and MEAN-MACHINES (check it out at
But do not fear, I still got on year.

This ends my first post. More to come soon!

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