Catch up Tuesday

Well, so I just got back from the playground. Man, this was harder than expected. I was lacking grip strength, so I had to break the Pull-Ups down into 3s, 2s and 1s. Shitty. Also the Towel Pull-Ups do work the back quite different than ordinary ones. But I still got the work done fast.
Unfortunately, I don't know how fast. I didn't take a stopwatch (I forgot it but remembered half way down and decidd that the watch of the camera would be sufficient.). Yeah, I was going to take a video, that was if the battery of the camera hadn't let me down. So neither do I have the time in which I completed the 7 rounds, nor do I have footage of me doing so. That sucks.... at least I got the beginning on tape and will be able to share the nice spring workout in the sun, which by the way has been shining all day. I tend to believe that sunhine is a big bonus on all my endaveours. Not for the obvious Vitamin D reason (which I decided to write about tomorrow), but just because I like it.

So, although I'm apreciating you reading this at this moment, I'd rather much like you to see get out and play, workout or just enjoy the weather! It's very healthy. Get back to the computer when it's dark!

Spring WOD from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

See you tomorrow!

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