Friday WOD and a lazy Saturday

So.... yesterday's WOD. Well to be honest I got a bit mixed up with the program and did the strength stuff I was supposed to do on Friday, on Thursday. I guess it was all the blogging which made me nervous or something ;-)
Anyhow. As I was originally supposed to do Bench Presses on Thursday, which as you all now I didn't do, because Thursday's entry says Snatches for my strength work, I decided to do Bench Presses on Friday.
I was supposed to do 5x1 with the same weight each time. My current PR on the bench is 140 kg for one rep. So I decided to go for 135 for 5x1.
Obviously my Shoulders, Triceps and Pecs were a little smoked from Thursday's dips. So after pushing out the first 135kg in a huge struggle I decided to go down to 130 kg. This turned out to be ther perfect weight. Each rep was a big fight and I always had a spotter beacuase I wasn't sure if I was going to finish the next rep after only three minutes of rest in between sets. But everything worked out fine and I was quite happy. Sure, I'd loved to go 135 kg and find out it was so easy I could even do my PR weight for 5x1 but I gave it my best and pushed as hard as possible, so I guess I'm good.
During the Daily WOD I finally had to pay the price for mixing up the program. The workout was as follows:
Do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 Deadlifts @ 142,5 kg (I scaled it down to 120kg as my current PR for DLs is only 165 kg)
5 Handstand Pushups (I will refer to these as HSPU in the following)
50 m Sprints (I subbed these by Burpees as sprinting in the Gym is impossible)

Well.... the Deadlifts were easy but I believe I did the right thing by scaling down, because if I hadn't failed so early on the HSPUs I would have done more rounds and the weight would have been just perfect.
So I already gave it away, the HSPUs killed me in the end. I guess the Bench Press before already took away some of my pressing strength. The Burpees did the rest to my already sore shoulders. In round five I wasn't able to complete the Handstand Pushups and that was it for me.
Overhead strength still is one of my weaknesses and I definitely need to work on that.
I did a video of the happening but I'm still fighting with the technic. I'd like to sort of fast forward it beacuse fifteen minutes is quite long to watch, especially if I do the same movements all over. I've tried different programs such as the new Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate HD and Windows Movie Maker, but I couldn't find any method to do what I want. As soon as I got this fixed I'll upload the vid. I already registered at Vimeo, which is like youtube but you can upload videos longer than ten minutes.

This brings me to today. As you all now, Saturdays are reserved for running... well... it was raining today. I don't like running nor rain. The combination of both made me stay in today. I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow and run no matter if it's raining, snowing or the world comes to its end. But today wasn't the day.
CrossFit in Germany is not an easy thing. It's raining all the time so that I'm never able to un. Poor me.

As the video isn't finished yet and there is nothing to tell about running today, because I didn't run I took a picture of my lunch and dinner.

Curry Soup with ground beef and salad.

Nothing special, but it's yummie. I'll get me another plate right now :-D
See you tomorrow!

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