Lifting and two WODs

Today was another Tuesday. This meant there'd be a group workout! I was looking forward to that all day long.
But first I had to get my lifting done.

Today called for Deadlifts:

15x 1 @ 107,5 kg with 30 seconds rest in between sets.

I was concentrating on being fast from the bottom position. Not very heavy nor demanding, but sometimes you gotta lift light in order to lift big!

In the evening I met with Yerai and Jasper to coach them through the workout I had written for them.

7 rounds for time of:

1   ascend climb (the playground has got a climbing frame with poles ascending in quite a nice angle)
10 Squats
15 Burpees

I first wanted them to do 5 ascend climbs, but after giving it a try we decided on only doing one. As it turned out this was a good a choice. The climbs were difficult but the Burpees were the worst part. Incredible! They really got the best of all of us. Respect to the boys for finishing this killer!
Jasper was quite smoked, but we all looked the same. Good for us the battery died (once again, even though I charged it this afternoon) after this shot. Sorry Jasper, but I guess that means fate wanted you to be in my blog today.

After resting for about 5 - 10 minutes, I decided to do the workout which I was actually asigned to do, well at least half of it:

10 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
5 Pull Ups
9 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
4 Pull Ups
8 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
3 Pull Ups
7 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
2 Pull Ups
6 Sledgehammer Strikes/side
1 Pull Up
5 Sledgehammer Strikes/side

I fnished in 4:46 minutes!

I'd expected  at least 10 minutes! Great!
I wanted to do Towel Pull Ups, but the knots which I used to attach the towels to the bar wouldn't hold, so I did normal ones. This is ok, because the ascend climbs were sort of like towel pull ups.
I was getting into the "Zone" during the second WOD. My mind went into sleep mode and my body just worked. This is where I need to go more often, it's where the real work gets done!

I'll start implementing two WODs in my schedule from time to time. The Games will consist of several grueling workouts per day. I need to prepare body and mind for this!

Also I cooked some lamb today. Bought a nice leg (well not all of it, about 1,8 kilograms) for a reasonable price. I fried it and than put it in the oven to cook. I also got a huge bag of fresh spinache which I'll use for salad and cooking.
I'll take a foto as soon as the battery is recharged.

Stay fit and see you soon!

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