Monday and Tuesday Wrap Up

Hello and welcome back again.
Well, as you all know I took a few days off in order to give myself and my body some well needed rest. Things got so far last week that I couldn't get into lifting positions nor generate power through the hip because of soreness which mainly affected my hamstrings but of leaked out to my quads, hip extensors and lower back. So a prolonged rest was called for. The best thing about it is, that I didn't have to do the running on Saturday! Hooray!

So yesterday I started into a new week of training. The program called for 3 x 10 reps of my 5 RM Squat. It was allowed to rack the bar in between reps, but the goal was to get as many consecutive reps as possible. The rest between the sets was three minutes long.
This was a good one. I went with 130 kg which isn't my 5 RM weight, but it was a good choice. I was able to get 6-3-2-1 reps in the first, 5-3-2 reps in the second and 5-2-1-2 reps in the third set.

Monday's WOD was a Triplet of:

AMRAP in 15 minutes (subbed to 10 minutes) of:
5 Push Jerks or Split Jerks 155 lbs (subbed by HSPU's)
7 Push Ups
Sprint 1/2 Gasser

This was the first WOD we did as a group. I've decided to take things to a higher level by doing group workouts at least two time a week. I do this beacuse it's much more fun, I practice my coaching skills and it gives me another burst of motivation to push through when my sight goes blurry and I start to ask myself why I'm doing this :-D

We subbed the Jerks because I only got one bar and the fun of it is working out at the same time. Also HSPU's are not my strength so I felt working on them would help.
The boys did a lower count of HSPU's, as obviously their are not yet strong enough to do so many of them. Oliviér (still don't know if this is written like this) didn't want to do the HSPU's. He didn't say why, but he decided to go for Sit Ups instead. This of course changes the workout totally as Sit-Ups are not half as demanding and also target a totally different area and movement of the body. Well his miss, I think he should've tried them at least, but I guess he was afraid of falling on the head or something.

I originally wanted to do 15 minutes but after 5 rounds and 10 minutes I wasn't able to do a single HSPU so I quit at that point. Again the HSPU's stopped me from getting a better count on a WOD. That sucks.... gotta work on that. I might implement some static handstand holds once or twice a week. That should settle the problem over time.

Today's strength workout was 15x 1 Deadlifts @ 65% of 1 RM with 30 seconds rest. Easy one, I'll go up with the weight next time, as this one wasn't even challenging. I used 107.5 kg for all 15 reps.

After finishing this post I'll use the wonderfull weather to get a nice workout at the playground next to my place. It's going to be seven rounds for time of:

7 Towel Pull Ups
7 Ball Slams @ 16 kg

This will be a "balls to the wall". I will go all out and finish as fast as possible.

Tomorrow will be a rest day, but after not being active here for such a long time, I might post a "Rest Day" article about something interesting. I've got a few topics which I'd like to adress, so we'll see....

Stay fit and see you soon!

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