Rest!!! And Yesterday's Workouts

Today's a rest day! More than needed! Fell like having two in a row, but I'll decide that tomorrow.

On a rest day simply lay on your back.

Let's talk about yesterday first.
The work supposed to be done was the following:
Strength WOD:
5 RM Deadlift (RM = repetition maximum, so I was supposed to do a set of 5 repetitions with the maximum  weight possible)
1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 Weighted Pull Ups

Daily WOD:
8 x 200m sprints, rest 2:1 (this means I rest double the time I needed for the previous sprint, before doing the next one)

Well, I got to the gym in the morning and started warming up for the Deads. As always I did some dynamical stretching, some pull ups, some air squats and some push ups before warming up with the specific movement.
I than started with the empty barbell, already feeling my sore hams/lower back from Monday's workouts. I progressed to 5x 70kg, than 5x 140 kg. The 140's already felt pretty heavy, but I was eager to pr and my previous 5 RM had been 160 kg. So I decided to attack the 170 kg.
Bad idea.... the bar moved about 5 centimeters and that was it. I got a little frustrated  and stripped the weight down to 165 kg (Thinking of it now this is horrendus! I pr'd on 5x5 Squats on Monday and was trying to lift my 1 RM for five reps after already putting effort into 170 kg??? Stupid me, but sometimes I get pigheaded and also I'm not very good with numbers while working out. Not that I am in general, but that is another topic.)
I was able to pull the 165 kg once (which reestablished my 1 RM, thinking of it now, very cool!!!). But that was it.  I still didn't see how well I had performed and wanted to at least do a 5 RM with 150 kg, but I wasn't even able to pick the bar of the ground.
I was so frustrated at that moment that I decided to skip the Pull Ups and go home.

After having a nice meal and doing some university related stuff which cleared my head I decided to tackle the Pull Ups and the sprints in the evening, even though I had played with the thought of skipping them before.
Turns out it was a good thing I did them. Everything went very smooth.
I used my 24 kg Kettlebell for the weighted Pull Ups and that was freakin' easy. So easy in fact that I didn't do my normal 3 minutes rest time, but pulled them out with aproximately 30 secs rest in between sets. Afterwards I felt much better and played around a bit on the playground where I was doing the pull ups.
The playground is part of the school next to my residence and is actually very cool. They got some ropes, pull up bars and other neat stuff to play around and work out with. Too bad I had never seen it before, as it is hidden behind trees and I only went over the property from time to time during nights, taking a shortcut home.
After playing around for about ten minutes I started the sprinting. I walked down a track, which I thought was about 200 meters and started to sprint. Considering my world record time of 12 seconds, I guess it was more like 100 meters. 12 seconds for 200 meters would've been faster than Bolt would ever be able to go :-D Guess my steps are smaller than I thought. Anyways, I sticked with the 100 m and didn't time the rest as I only had one stopwatch, but I tried to do it by counting (Though as I mentioned before, I'm not very good with numbers while working out).
The first four sprints were ok, though 12 secs for a 100 m sprint isn't really fast. Afterwards my posterior chain totally jacked up and I got slower and slower. I think my slowest time was somewhere beyond 20 seconds.
My average was 18,75 seconds. Need to work on that. My acceleration wasn't exactly like I wanted it to be, so explosiveness is missing aswell.

Today I could barely get out of bed. Feeling sore all over, especially on the backside from the neck downwards to my calves, everything is burning in pain. I guess I'll be doing some hot/cold shower stuff for regeneration today. If I still fell like this tomorrow, I'll postpone the workout by one day, but as I said, I'll decide that tomorrow.

I got a little goodie for you guys. The long promised video. I didn't find a way to fast-forward it. But while I was reviewing the thing, I realized how many breaks I took (really sad, more than five minutes of the 15 minute workout, I'm doing nothing but breathing heavy and looking stupid!) So I cut out all that bullshit and voilà, we've got a nine minute video. I'm a bit embarrassed putting this online because it's not really one of my best workouts, but I guess you gotta keep honest.
So 3-2-1 here we go:

WOD 12.03.2010 from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

See you guys tomorrow. I'll be trying to get rid of my soreness now!

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