Running on a Sunday

Hello and good day to you, the few, hopefully following my Blog!
Today I did what I promised you yesterday, I went out to run. As I live next to the forrest, which treasures a few very nice trail runs, I did my running in the woods.
There are several advantages to running in the woods rather than the city. First, there is the ground, it's softer than asphalt which makes it more joint-friendly. Also, it's uneven, which makes it more challenging to stabilize. Then there is the fresh air, not directly polluted by cars, providing you with huge amounts of oxygen. This, by the way, can have a positive effect on your recovery. So doing a run in the forrest from time to time might be a good idea. Of course this factor is much bigger when the trees acutally got leaves producing oxygen. In the summer so to say.
Then there are no, or only very few bikers, so you are not in danger of being run over so often. Well and of course you got the nature, with birds and animals, some Nordic Walkers with sticks, people with dogs, dogs with people, dogs with people and sticks, some other runners and so on.
But all the nice things about running in the woods couldn't change the major detail of me, not being in favour of running. I don't really know what people get out of it or why they do it for hours and hours. It must be some sort of addiction or obsession to/with dullness. Or more probable the addiction to the endorphine high you get while running but only are really able to enjoy after the run, because before that you need all your will-power to go on running. If runners knew they'd get the same "high" by doing a four minute Tabata Workout or lifting heavy-ass weights or anything else, they'd probably stop running.
The reason why your body is producing endorphines while running is a simple one. Endorphines are used to suppress pain. When a human body is confronted with a dangerous situation it usually produces adrenaline in order to make you react quicker and endorphines, anticipating pain and therefore trying to suppress it, so you'll still be able to move after, let's say, the dog bit you.
"The term endorphin rush has been adopted in popular speech to refer to feelings of exhilaration brought on by pain, danger, or other forms of stress, supposedly due to the influence of endorphins. When a nerve impulse reaches the spinal cord, endorphins are released which prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signals. Immediately after injury, endorphins allow animals to feel a sense of power and control over themselves that allows them to persist with activity for an extended time."  [; 14.03.2010; 15.16 GTM]
So the good feeling you get after running is not a sign from your body saying "Thank you, you have done something to keep me healthy!" but rather a survival-reaction indicating you hurt yourself. Let that sink...

Anyhow, enough with the trash-talk about running. I did one of the trails in the forrest today, which took me 23.12 minutes. I don't kno how many kilometers this was(I'll check later on googlemaps), but it went uphill and downhill all the time, so it was pretty challenging. Also the weather/ground conditions were a bit of a problem. When I stepped out of the door it started to rain... again. "Great" I thought, anticipating being soaked once I got back from the run. but luckily the rain stopped as quickly as it had begun. Still the ground was a mess and I was feeling quite smart, having decided earlier to run in my football shoes which provided go contraction all the time, even when things got very muddy. I think some of the hills would have provided a real problem and I might have slipped from time to time with other shoes. Good I'm a smart one, eh?
Here's a pic of my shoes, I roughly cleaned them beacuse I'm sure they'll get dirty again soon enough.

I guess running 23 minutes won't do the trick in the long run (play of words ^^). But I'll be upping the volume in the weeks to come leading up to one seven to ten kilometer run before the actual event. The rest of my conditioning will be done via metabolic workouts, as described in earlier posts.

That's it for the day. Well, maybe I get the video thing going, but I got other stuff to get done aswell, so don't count on it.

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