Snatches and high Jumps, pretty damn high

Yeah! Today rocked!
I had planned on doing a one-on-one session with René, which sort of turned out into the biggest group we've had so far, just a few minutes before everything started. A few friends jumped on the train and decided they wanted to give the thing a shot. And I believe they had fun. This of course meant I'd have to change everything last minute and get creative. I remembered a CrossFit WOD called "Baseball" (five stations, rotation, I believe you are getting the point), but than decided to go for an all time classic. The mighty "FIGHT GONE BAD"

This workout was created to simulate the meatabolic demands of a martial arts fight. Three to five rounds of five different excercises, each performed for one minute, one minute rest and than the repition of the cycle.
Check out Fight Gone Bad if you want to know more about it, see which excercises originally were used or watch a video of the workout.

As I didn't have the material to do the original Fight Gone Bad, I had to improvise.
In the end the excercises I went with were:

Jump Rope
Kettlebell Deadlifts
Overhead Lunges
Sledgehammer Strikes
Shoulder Press

I didn't do the WOD, as I wanted to make sure I was there to coach and kick their asses when they were trying to rest. Good thinking. Also I wanted to stick to my program, which called for another workout.

I was very happy with the result. The boys gave their best and I think when it was all over enjoyed the feeling of accomlishment and complete destruction. It's amazing how peer pressure and group dynamics can boost performance! Incredible!

Afterwards I did my own WOD, while the guys were watching.

Complete the following for time:
15 Power Snatches @ 50 kg
30 Box Jumps @ 1 m (I used a ping pong table)
10 Power Snatches @ 50 kg
20 Box Jumps @ 1 m
5 Power Snatches @ 50 kg
10 Box Jumps @ 1 m

I was able to complete the WOD in under ten minutes, 9:27 minutes acutally and was stoked. At least after I came to my senses again, which hasn't been to long ago. Cool thing. As I said before, I push myself much harder when I got people watching..

I'll upload the promised compilation of me lifting tomorrow. The video is all set and ready, but neither Vimeo nor Youtube did want me to upload today. So it's gotta wait till tomorrow.
I'll be going out tonight, hope you guys have fun, too!

See you soon!

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