Thunderstorms and Heavy Lifting

I'll be making it short, still got work to finish for the University.
Well, today was a good training day.
The SWOD was as follows:

5x 3 Power Cleans @ 80 kg
5x 1 Deadlift @ 140, 150, 160 (fail), 140, 140

I couldn't lift my previous best of 165kg, but after doing the heavy Cleans right before and with the Pull-Ups and Air Squats from yesterdays' "Cindy" still in my system (my Lats and Quads are pretty sore, no wonder, I did 45 Pull Ups and 120 Air Squats in 10 minutes) I couldn't expect to get very best. I'm still pretty satisfied. The 150 kg went up like nothing, so I guess when I'm going for it rested and fresh I'll easily pull out a new PR ont the Deads.
Afterwards I was supposed to do three sets with maximum repetitions of Strict Pull-Ups. But while I was still lifting, the sky broke open and poured out water bucketwise. There was a decent amount of thunder, lightning and wind involved, so I guess I can easily call it a thunderstorm! And as my only Pull-Up bar is out at the playground I decided not to risk being struck by lightning or branches flying around, but to wait till the weather changed. Unfortunately it hasn't done so yet, so probably no Pull-Ups today. Funny thing I did them yesterday when programming didn't call for it. So it won't be such a huge miss if I'm not going to do them today.

Today's daily WOD would've been sprint and agility work again. But the weather problem applies to this, too. So I'll hopefully be able to do it tomorrow. As you all remember tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday means running anyways. If I'll do the sprint work, I was supposed to do today, I might not be able to do the other running I had planned. Too bad... I guess I'll rather do the Saturday WOD, which I've been skipping to get the running in, in order to work on my metabolic pathways. Sometimes it's kinda funny how everything works out in the end.

To keep the spirits up when the weather is like this I'll just provide you with some food porn. Nothing fancy, just some stuff I recently ate. Enjoy!

The first pick is a huge bowl of salad (obviously). It's got all sorts of nice things like avocado, feta cheese, carrots, tomtatos, red cabbage (I bought a whole head about a week ago and though I've been having red cabbage at least once a day, there's still some left.... I can assure you that I won't be having any for a long time after this is gone...)

Paleo Salad
Healthy Paleo Dinner
Well this is some chicken breast with a nice portion of the salad you saw above.

The next one is grilled chicken breast, baked with cheese on ruccola and tomato (had that about two weeks ago, just so you don't think I'm having chicken breast with salad day in, day out....)
Another meal as prescribed by the paleolithic diet.
This one was breakfast a few days ago, it sort of explains itself I believe....
Paleo Breakfast

Hope I didn't get you all too hungry...

See you tomorrow!

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