Took a few days of


just to keep you on track. As proposed in Wednesday's post, I was thinking about taking an extra day of because my hamstrings were so freakin' sore. Well, it turned out one day wasn't really enough. I could barely move on Thursday and Friday wasn't any better. So I took the whole weekend of and will get back tomorrow.
Sometimes it's better to take a few days off, in order to keep the intensity during workouts high. If you are very sore or don't feel well ("being not in the mood" is not included here) I'd always suggest to take an extra day so you can hit it hard again afterwards. Of course I'm always a "little" sore after my workouts. But when the soreness starts to really interfere with my ability to move and create power, I found it to be more productive to rest.

Hope you all had a nice weeend and enjoy the sunday.
See  you tomorrow

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