56 minutes

I'm happy to tell you that I survived. I finished my first 10 km without any preparation in 56 minutes. That's by far not a very fast time, but I have to say I'm very happy with it!
So let me tell you how it all went down.
I met with two friends, who both run more or less frequently, at the center to enlist us for the run, which started at 13 o'clock. We placed ourselfes in the midfield and decided to take things easy. The start was cool, although some people seemed to be in quite a hurry to get to the top places. So there was the usual, well I guess it's usual, overtaking and using gaps and all that. But it was fun to watch how people worked their way further upfront. We did as planned and took it easy trying to float with the crowd. The first three kilometers went by pretty quick while we were jogging through beautifull spring Hildesheim along the Innerste. At around kilometer four I started to notice my calves and my feet, but nothing really bad.
We went on running, occasionally overtaking some other runners. At around kilometer six the guys I was running with were speeding up, but I kept my pace. I didn't want to overdoe it, as I had never run such a distance before.
The sun was definitely an issue. From kilometer five on my heart rate had been between 170 and 180 beats per minute. This is quite high for such a long time activity. But my breathing and stamina were perfectly ok, so I guess it was the hot sunny weather which kept my heart rate so high. From kilometer eight on it was between 180 and 190 beats per minute. But still I didn't feel exhausted stamina wise. The only thing that bothered me were my feet, my calves and in the end my quads aswell. I believe that after the calves were blocked I generated most of the force out of my quads which over the time made them tired aswell.
For the last kilometer I was running in the windshade of an older man. When we entered the last 200 meters I closed up to him and could easily have overtaken him, but I decided against it after realising that he didn't have the power left for a sprint. Instead I suggested that we should finish together, which we than did. I didn't run this race for a good placing and I didn't want to make him feel bad on the last 200 meters. Also it was much more fun like this. I finished at 56:35 minutes, a time I'm absolutely happy with.

Well.... what's left to say.... I still don't like running. But I realized that I'll have to do it occasionally. Normally the better you get at things the more you like them. And of course the plan is to be a well rounded athlete.

But I won't run the Hannover half marathon. At least not this year. After ten kilometers I was just at the edge. I don't think I would've survived much longer. My legs still ache and I bet they'll be killing me tomorrow.

Oh, if any one wants to know. I ran in flat shoes, imitating a barefoot run. They looked like this afterwards.

Pretty dusty!

Stay fit and kick ass!

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