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Soooooo…. this is going to be huge!
First of all, sorry for the delay! Three days since the last post. A lot of things have happened during this time. I’ll try to start in some sort of chronicle order.

Wednesday was the day we moved out of the student’s residence into our new own flat. Needless to say it was a lot of trouble. The janitor, Mr. Hagemann or as we call him Mr. H-Man, simply is a man you cannot, not get into trouble with. Regardless of what you do or say. But I’m not going to bore you with all this stuff.
Just let me say this. Although Wednesday was a rest day, I sure got one hell of a workout. Thanks again to our helpers! Don’t know how it would’ve ended up without you guys!

This brings me to Thursday. As you all know Thursdays we have our little group workouts. But as everyone was still smoked from Wednesday, was ill, or had some other sort of excuse we decided to delay the group workout to Friday.
Of course I didn’t rest, but went straight for it. Couldn’t wait to workout in my new room!
I was supposed to do 5x 5 Bench Press.
I still haven’t got a bench and it might take a while till I get one (I’m actually thinking about constructing one myself. Checking out the prices at the moment.), so I did 5x 5 Presses.
I started out with 70 kg, slightly worried about the height of the ceiling (I got that on tape…), but it turned out to be high enough. The weight whatsoever turned out to be a little too heavy and I went down to 65 kg after the first set.

In the end I did:         1x        5x 70 kg
                                   4x        5x 65 kg

I think I might have been able to go for 67,5 kg for all five sets. We’ll see next time.
So much for the strength WOD. The DWOD was:
8 rounds for time of:
3 Front Squats @ 90 kg (I scaled down to 70 kg because I had to clean the weight from the floor)
8 Dips

I finished in …. and was pretty smoked.

The rest of Thursday was dedicated to unpacking and to making myself a home in our new flat.

Friday’s SWOD:
Clean & Jerk   2, 2, 2, 2, 2
Deadlift          1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Supine Ring Rows 3x 15
I ended up doing 70, 75, 80, 82,5 and 85 kg on the C&J’s. The Cleans were fine, the Jerks felt quite heavy after Wednesday’s Presses, but I managed them anyways.
On the Deads I did 130, 140, 150, 160, 120 kg. I still wasn’t able to get my previous best of 165 kg. To be honest the 160 felt freaking heavy. But still I’m very confident. After doing heavy C&J’s before I think a number so close to my PR is impressive. I bet if I had done them freshly I would have pulled new record!
The ring rows were more exhausting than I had expected. I always underestimate the difference between pulling on a stable object like a pull up bar and two, individually moving object. It’s a totally different thing. There is much more stabilizing involved. Well and of course my pulling power had already been heavily under fire during the Clean & Jerks and the Deadlifts.

I rested for about an hour before I did the DWOD. The program wanted me to do a sprinting routine, but I had the boys with me and I didn’t want them to do boring sprints (also I’m trying to avoid running…).
Instead I implemented our new house, which has lots and lots of stairs and came up with a killer workout. 8
3 rounds for time of:
Weighted stair climbs and Push-Ups

Basically you had to carry a weight up the stairs, stopping at each flight, doing five Push-Ups. On the way down you didn’t have to do any Push-Ups.
Counting from the cellar we’ve got four levels, which make for eight stops for Push-Ups, as each level is divided into two flights of stairs.
I’m not a hundred percent sure about the number of steps but it should be around 56 from cellar to top.
So it was 168 steps (only counting the ones on the ascend, of course you had to get down as well) with a total of 120 Push-Ups. I used two 25 kg plates as weights, which make up for a total of 50 kg.
I finished in 9:59 minutes and was quite smoked. I don’t think I could’ve done it much faster. Well, maybe I lost some time on the carries and I definitely need to figure out a way to put away and pick up the plates faster without crushing my fingers or the walls.
All in all a great workout! The staircase makes for a great toy in my growing arsenal of workout possibilities. I will definitely use it more often in the future.
I’ve got some footage which I will edit tonight or tomorrow and upload before the end of the weekend. After that there will be no update for about a week, as I’ll be gone to Istanbul for vacation. I sure hope to find some nice locations for working out there. As always I’ll try to take some videos and upload them when I’m back. So you got something to look forward to!
Till then, stay healthy and fit and enjoy the good weather and the awakening of the nature after its long, long winter sleep!

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