Front Squats and a School Yard Workout

As my latest posts have been quite extensive, today is going to be a quickie.
René came over to work out in the afternoon and we started with the SWOD.

Front Squats 3, 3, 3, 1, 1
Presses         10x 3 @ 55% of 1 RM, 45 seconds rest in between sets, the focus was lying on being fast and aggressive from the bottom position

I hadn't done Front Squats in a while and was eager to see how I'd perform. My previous best was 115 kg for 2 reps. So after warming up I started with 100 kg. Movement, strength and form felt good and solid. I sometimes need a few extra sets to get a movement right after not having done it for a longer time, but today's Front Squats felt just fine. So I started to put on more weight for eacht set, ending up with 120 kg for my last set. Pretty decent.
It was Renés first time doing this excercise, so in the beginning he was a little shy to it. But he did remarkebly well and finished with a 60 kg best on the last set. Very, very good!

Afterwards we proceded to the Presses. There's not a lot to tell about that. I used 45 kg and the weight felt pretty light, so it wasn't really too demanding, although I could definitely feel my speed and power suffer over time. I'd love to see how a few more of these might affect my Push Press and Push Jerk, which are far more explosive movements. I bet they'll improve.

So all together the SWOD looked like this:
Front Squats   3x 100, 3x 105, 3 x 110, 1x 115, 1x 120
Press               3x 10x 45 kg

When we were finished with the strength work, we went up to the school yard to do the DWOD. The WOD was:
5 rounds for time of:

10   Ring Dips
10   Pull Ups
1/2  Gasser (you sprint for 50m, turn and sprint back, so all in all 100m)

I brought my rings happy to get another chance to use them. But after we spent like half an hour to get them hanging from a climbing tower, I quickly found out that I wasn't able to do more than 5 consecutive Ring Dips. So we both subbed them for normal Dips. I'll need to implement Ring Dips in my strength work in order to get the numbers up. It's amazing ho difficult they are. But I'm sure the coming summer will give me lots of opportunities got work with them.
While we were preparing for the workout and after finishing it (which we both did in under 10 minutes (René 9:53 minutes, me 9:59 minutes), we had to answer a lot of questions to the little kids playing at the playground. They were very interested in what we were doing and why we were doing it. I found this very cool, though I'm afraid I didn't really do a good job in explaining things while I was still gasping for air. But I like to think that we set a good example and maybe next time we get there, we'll see loads of little ones working out. I'd love that.
The group workout which was set for today was postponed because no one really seemed to have time. We'll do it tomorrow though and I hope the weather will be as good as today.

That's it for now. Stay fit and see you soon!

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