How women should work out!

So, I'm back by popular demand!

Today is a rest day.In fact I made the whole week a rest week. Istanbul was great and I just wanted to let the soul hang a little while and relax. Also I've been training hard before and believe I deserved a little rest.

As today's a rest day, I will do my first "rest-day-post". I've been playing with different topics to write about in my head and finally decided to write about women working out.

The reason why I wanted to write about this for quite a while now, is that this is, as I believe, one of the most misunderstand topics out there. Also I've been asked to write a "program for girls" several times and by different girls, now.
I finally made the decision to write this article yesterday, because of one very special person who's name I'm not going to state, but she'll know.

I'll make it very easy: If you want to get fit and look like it, you've got to really work out!

High intensity functional movements, large loads, long distances as fast as possible.

What do I mean by that. Well movements which are referred to as functional, normally are mutli-joint-movements which involve as many muscles as possible. These are for example and just to name a few: Squats, Deadlifts, Presses and the Olympic Lifts. They work your body in the way it was designed to move. Instead of isolating muscles like you'd, for example, do in the Biceps Curl, they imitate the natural movements. Doing these natural occuring movements under load strengthens you're body like nothing else.

Many girls who think they are fit, are in fact simply "slim" or "skinny-fat". This might sound mean but it is a fact.

Being fit means being strong, powerfull and fast, having endurance, stamina and agility.
Don't be afraid to work hard! If you want to look like this,

you've got work out like this:

CBO- WOD #2 Milford Sectionals 2010 from Hybrid Athletics on Vimeo.

Organized Chaos- Aug 22nd 2009 from Hybrid Athletics on Vimeo.

Recent Tabata Day.... from Hybrid Athletics on Vimeo.

CBO- Stone Burpee Demo for WLW from Hybrid Athletics on Vimeo.

There is no easy way around this. Did you ever wonder why the majority of the women you see working out in gyms doesn't seem to get any results at all? Why they stay on treadmills for hours and hours and still don't look the way they want to? Why they keep doing "fat-burning-excercises" but seem to get fatter instead of fitter, until they quit their gym membership out of frustration?
Well, it is because only hard work and intensive training will give get you really fit.
It might be hard, to work out hard, but isn't it much harder and much more frustrating to waste time without seeing results?

You might say that you are not strong enough to do these things and you might be right. Yo may not be strong enough, yet. But there are ways to get there! Do you think these women were born like this?
If you are learning something new, you don't expect to excel at the first day, do you?

Women are often made believe, that if they work out hard, they'll get bulky and "over-muscular".
This is nonsense!

It's easy to understand that you strive for the "ideal" look which is suggested by the public and that you want to be or "stay", what is considered to be feminine. But believe me, women don't grow muscle easily and never in the amount men do.
The reason for this is that you got far lower testosterone-levels than men do. To grow huge amounts of muscle you'll need a high amount of testosterone. If you haven't got that, you'll never grow huge muscles.It's that simple.
Did you ever wonder why really muscular women have deep voices and faces like men? It's because they had to inject testorerone and other hormones in order to get that muscular. They surely wouldn't have done this if, there was another way for them.

The lower testosterone is by the way also the reason why women are in general not as strong as men. But nobody expects you to be as strong as a man (also there certainly are some girls out there who are way stronger than most men). All you need to do, is push yourself to your limits. Don't feel intimidated by guys who can lift more than you. Numbers are not important.
What counts is that you reach your limits and do your best! Form will follow function! I can promise you that!

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