Sunny Saturday Workout

Yeah!!! The fair is over and I'm back to business! I've had a lot of fun working last week, but it's always a week which kicks you out of your normal rythm and makes it very hard to do anything but work and sleep.
Anyways, now I'm back and just like it should be the weather is wonderfull. Just the way I like it. So yesterday I was taking advantage of the great weather and did a workout in the garden.

I did Backsquats 5x 5 @ 130 kg. Ultimately I've been struggeling a little doing squats and I'm still not back to my 5x 5 145 kg, which I was able to do before. But the movement felt good today and I'm pretty optimistic that I'll get back to my previous best in no time.
Afterwards I was playing around a little with Bench Presses of the ground but they didn't work out the way I had imagined. I really need to get a bench. I'm allready planning on having one manufactured out of  wood by a friend, but this might take some time.

Later I did the following:

Three rounds for time of 

8 Muscle Snatches @ 50 kg
5 Ring Dips
12 Toes to Bar

I finished in 8:53 minutes.

It was the first time I did Muscle Snatches but they felt quite good and I got pretty fluent after the first set. Ring Dips still cost me a lot. I scaled them down from ten to five. The hardest part were the Toes to Bars. I was doing them hanging from a branch of a tree which made grip strength an issue immediately. They got really taxing after the first set.
After reviewing the video footage I believe I could have gone harder.... as always. That is the worst. It's ok not to be strong enough or to lack in technique, but if you realize that you've not been giving it all you have. That's sad....
Apart from that I really enjoyed today. I love working out in the nature, enjoying the sun and the overall good weather. I hope that I'll be able to go on doing this all summer.
This is the video of todays WOD:

Sunny Saturday WOD from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

Later today I'm going to run a 10k race through Hildesheim. Hopefully this is not going to be as horrible as I imagine. We'll see how the "no-running-policy" worked out in the end. Also this will be a nice indicator for next sunday's half-marathon. I'm a little scared to say the least...My biggest concerns are my feet and my joints. I don't believe that conditioning is going to be an issue, though.
I'll post tonight after the race how it went.

Now we are getting a little off topic. Today's my dad's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!! Enjoy the day! I bet you are up to something great!

That's it for the moment. I'll get back to you later today. I'm gonna give it my best on the run today!

See you soon and stay fit!

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