Tuesday: Group and late night WOD

Tuesday was cool!

I did my SWOD in between two classes. Since we've moved I only live like 3 minutes away from where I have most of my classes, so if I've got a break I can go home and eat, blog, work out, sleep or whatever else I want to do. I've always lived quite close to the University but never this close. It's perfect.

As my SWOD I did 5 RM Deadlifts.
After a general Warm Up I did the following:

10 x   20 kg
  5 x   70 kg
  5 x 120 kg
  5 x 150 kg

The last set felt pretty darn heavy and I felt my form slightly breaking down during the last repititions. You'll be able to see that on the video I took. I haven't edited it yet and I am uploading the video for the Monday post at the moment, so I'll post this one somewhat later today or tomorrow. But still I was happy. I had tried to lift the 170 kg and the 160 kg before, but they didn't want to come of the ground. So this was my best 5 RM for that day, which is ok. Allthough I really need my numbers to go up on the deads....
I had to get back to class afterwards so I decided to do the DWOD in the evening.

As you all know, Tuesdays I'm having the group to work out. This was the first time we had girls working out with us, so I chose a relatively easy workout in order not to scare them away. Also I didn't take part in the WOD but decided to watch their form and try to motivate them.

The workout was:
3 x 10 Push Ups for the girls
3 x  max number of Push Ups with one minute rest in between sets for the boys

Afterwards I had them all do Tabata Squats with an active rest position. This means they had to rest in the bottom position. Tabata Intervalls are 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. So they had to do as many Air Squats as they could in 20 seconds, than rest in the bottom position for ten seconds, do 20 seconds of squatting, rest and so on. I had them do 8 intervalls.
The lowest number was their total score. Using this approach you get the athlete to think about either going all out in the beginning and sacrificing repetitions in the end or pacing themselves in the beginning in order to get a relatively high rep count through all intervalls. But I think they didn't really think much about it after the second or third rest period, which is normally when the pain sets in and the legs stop doing what you want them to do.
Here are some pics of them working out.

 They were all pretty smoked after the Tabata Squats and I'm sure their legs ache a lot today. But I believe they had fun!

In the evening René came around. I got him to follow the CFFB programming aswell and he did his Deadlifts breaking his PR by 10 kg! Well done!!!
Afterwards we went down into the garden to do the DWOD.
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
10 Supine Ring Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Ball Slams 40 lbs

We subbed the Ball Slams by Kettlebell Swings as I was sure that my houselady wouldn't have wanted us to destroy the grass by making huge holes into it. I used my 16 kg Kettlebell which might have been a little to light. But I didn't want to overdo things after the max effort Deadlifts.
We hung the rings from a tree and started to work out.
It was definetly a killer one. 15 minutes is quite a long time. When the clock stopped I was in my 7th round with six Kettlebell Swings to go. The limiting factor definitely were the Pull Ups which seemed to take me ages. René got seven rounds, but had to scale on the Pull Ups as he is still lacking upper body strength.
The workout was a lot of fun. It was already dark and the motion sensor kept going on and of, so that we had to do parts of the WOD in the dark. Also our neighbour was watching us from behind the curtain. I guess she was wondering what the heck we were doing...
I'm looking forward to have a companion doing the workouts with me. It's much more fun and as I stated before, it brings itensitiy to a whole new level.

Well that's it for today. I've got to get back to class.
Stay fit and see you soon!

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