Barbeque aftermath

The massive meat consume led to excess energy which led to a very good workout on Friday.

I met with René around noon, to work out together and to introduce him to the Power Clean. Well actually the High Hang Power Clean. René had never before done any of the Cleans but since he's started on the CrossFit Football Program he'll need to do these a lot. The same will be true for the Snatch but we'll tackle these one at a time. The ecercise might look easy, but it is actually quite a complex movement and needs a lot of training. Some people say that if you've passed a certain age, it will get impossible for you to learn the perfect technique. But I believe that René did very well!

My SWOD was 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 Power Snatches. The numbers looked like this: 50 kg, 52.5 kg, 55 kg, 57.5 kg, 60 kg, 62.5 kg, 65 kg, 67.5 kg. My Snatch numbers still are very weak. I really hope to get some insight and cues on my technique at my seminar in Kopenhagen.

Afterwards we did a Pull Up/Push Up ladder. The set up is simple. You do 1 rep per exercise in the first minute, 2 in the second and so on. Sounds easy right? Well try it at home!
I managed to get 12 rounds! I've never before come so far. Great!!! I can see improvement in all areas and nearly from day to day. I hope this will go on for a while!

On Saturday one of my obvious weaknesses came to light, though.
7 rounds for time of:
3 Deadlift @ 120 kg
6 Handstand Push Ups
9 Box Jumps (I used my new, home made bench for this)

 HSPU's are still killing me. I'm making very little progress here although I feel my general overhead strength increasing. I'll be patient and keep on hitting overhead days hard and hopefully this will improve.
Here is the second part of the WOD (for some reason the camera wasn't running on the first half).

I'm on the video! from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

I'm posting this from a friends house as my internet connection hasn't been working properly during the last days and was totally gone this morning. Sorry about that. I'm trying to fix it or find a work around.

Until then, stay fit!!!

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