Extra Rest Day

As you all know, I've been quite busy over the last few weeks and I'm really starting to feel it. Today wasn't any different, in fact it was an especially busy day. Normally I would be working out on a Thursday, but today I decided give myself an extra rest day. I'm really, really tired and I will be working out both days on this weekend, as it is the weekend of my Olympic Lifting Cert with (hopefully) Mike Burgener in Copenhagen. Can't wait for it! I really look forward to meeting Coach Burgener who is a huge personality if it comes to Olympic Lifting. He has even been training olympic weightlifting teams for the US which definitely means something. Also I will be able to make new friends in the CrossFit world. A chance which I don't want to miss, as CrossFitters still are very rare in Germany. And it's always fun to meet people who tick like you and are excited about the same things.
The Cert will take place at Butcher's Lab in Copenhagen but I hope to also be able to visit CrossFit Copenhagen or as it is called "The church of Pain", which is operated by some of the trainers I met at my Level I Cert last year.
So much for the upcoming weekend. I'm really psyched when I think about it!

Resting today also gives me the time and opportunity to write this article which is an absolute must, considering that the last article with "real" content is more than one week old. Can't have that.

Where do I start? Well I guess the best thing would be to start were I stopped. With the CrossFit Football Total I did last week. As I mentioned earlier, a Total always ends a training cycle and is some sort of benchmark where you test how much you've improved. If you remember I stated that I had improved a lot!

Well, here are the numbers:

                               20.05.2010                      29.01.2010        improvement by

1 RM Power Clean @ 100    kg                     @  90     kg        10   kg
1 RM Back Squat   @ 165    kg                     @ 157,5 kg         7.5 kg
1 RM Bench Press  @ 140    kg                     @ 140    kg            /
1 RM Deadlift         @ 170    kg                     @ 160    kg         10 kg

If you take a look at the actual numbers it doesn't really seem to be that much. But after working out for such a long time improvement doesn't come as easy as in the beginning and many athletes will have to settle with an improvement of 5 kg or something like that for a whole year. So I'm really confident that I was able to pull these numbers. Especially the Deadlift makes me happy. Though by numbers it is my strongest lift, it really is my weakest. In comparison to the weights I get on the other excersises my Deadlift should be way higher.

Here's a video of our late night lifting session. We stayed indoors again as it was late already, cold outside and raining like it was November. (sadly the quality of the video isn't too good. I'll try to get better ligthing next time)

CrossFIt Football Total 20.05.2010 from Nico on Vimeo.

After the Total I went to Spain for the weekend, which was great. I met with my girlfriend in Moaraira, a place near Alicante at the coast of the mediteranean sea. Beatiful! And the weather! No sport but lying at the beach, some swimming in the refreshing sea, some walking and some posing for fotos. I'll put some more pictures online in one of my next posts.

When I got back home on Sunday night I was falling into bed, dead tired but happy and fullfilled. After waking up the next morning I had to realize that there was no internet when I woke up. So much for returning early in order to get some work done. I did what was possible offline, as the university was closed as well due to the holiday. If I'd had known this I'd have stayed one more day in Spain!

Anyways. The abscence of internet did of course not stop me from working out. on Monday.

Workout of the Day (Monday)

Squats     5x5 @ 135 kg

Presses   5x 1 @   80 kg (PR!)

12 minute AMRAP of:

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
30 Rope Jumps (should've done Double Unders but I can't. Need to focus on learning those!)

10 rounds and 5 Pull Ups.

The Squats felt pretty good for the first three sets but I started to struggle during the fourth set and number five was a real fight. But I managed it in the end.
The Presses felt really good. My overhead strength is improving very well and I hope to be able to get to the 100 kg mark by the end of summer.

The DWOD was a modified "Cindy" which some of you might know from CrossFit HQ or because I made you do it during one of our group workouts. The change here was a more violent opening of the hip in comparison to the normal Air Squat. I kind of missed that point by doing normal Rope Jumps instead of Double Unders. A better sub would've been Box Jumps. But I want to improve my rope juming and normally you do so by doing it.
All in all a good day. Pretty decent performances on both SWOD and DWOD.

Workout of the Day (Tuesday)

Deadlift 5 RM @ 157.5 kg

Complete 5 rounds of

3 Power Snatches
3 Snatch Pulls
3 Power Snatches

@ 55 kg

*   120 seconds rest between rounds
** do not drop the weight. one Burpee penalty per drop

I didn't drop the weight once, althoug it nearly ripped of my thumbs as I was using the hook grip.

I haven't always been using this type of grip but since I do, I've really started to apreciate it. You've simply got so much more control and the weight can impossibly slip out of you're hand. The downside, however, are calluses on the thumbs, which I didn't have before. But I don't care about the ones I got in my hands, so why should I care about the ones I've got on my thumbs, now. Also the hook grip needs some time still you get used to it. It hurts in the beginning and still does on heavy Deadlifts or hand tearing bear-complexes like this one. But you get used to it and once you've learned to cope with it, you realize just how much it improves your grip, especially on the explosive lifts.

Well this is it for today. It was the rather long wrap up of last week. I hope you enjoyed it.
I don't know if I will be able to post tomorrow. As I said before I'm off to Copenhagen. If not I'll get you a nice report on the happenings when I get back on Monday!

Until than, stay fit and go for it!

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