Farther's Day Special WOD and the day after

Farther's Day WOD

Complete the following without time limit:

Walk a lot
Carry countless bottles of beer in a backpack
Climb trees while intoxicated
Try to hit a bottle with a ball, if successfull empty a bottle of beer
Get a barbeque going, if successfull eat as much meat as possible

Rest for the rest of the day!

I guess this should sum it up pretty well. We've had a lot of fun but I believe going further into detail is not really what this blog is for.
Instead I'll instantly come to today.

Workout of the Day

Power Clean 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Complete five rounds of:
3 Clean Pulls
3 Power Cleans
3 Push Press
3 Push Jerk
3 Good Mornings

*   use about 60% - 70% of your 3RM Power Clean
** rest two minutes between rounds

When I got up this morning I didn't really feel like working out. But I did everything possible to get myself back on track fast enough to be able to work out in the evening. Apart from the FD-WOD I hadn't worked out on Thursday, so I was eager to get back to the bar. Also I wanted to know how my Power Clean had developed since the last time. I definitely wanted to get a PR today!
So I warmed up pretty good to get the blood flowing and get ready mentally. If you want to know how I warmed up, follow this link.
Afterwards I felt ready to go heavy. I started out with 75 kg working my way up. My previous best had been 90 kg and I wanted to get at least 5 kg more. The Cleans felt good, my elbows were quick and I had a good, explosive hip drive. So after completing 75 kg, 80 kg, 85kg and 90 kg I went for the 95 kg and did it. No problem. The weight sure was heavy and I had problems turning my elbows around fast enough and getting under the bar, but still I got all three reps. Perfect start! I've had been doubtful if this would've been possible after a less than ideal day before, but it was.

The DWOD was a bear complex. The last time I had done this particular one was in February, although with a lighter weight. Today I used 65 kg. This turned out to be perfect. It was quite taxing, but I was able to get all the rounds done without setting the bar down. But my grip strength, my hands and my forearms defintely had to suffer. And while typing this I can feel my back already being sore. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

So much for the training. This blog has developed quite nicely since I've started it. I don't know if you realized it, but I've been adding features every now and than which will hopefully be used by you guys.
When I started this I had imagined it to be a little different though. I wanted to post every day. On training days my posts would of course be a summary of my workouts, but on rest days I wanted to write real articles about health, nutrition and sports related topics. I've been very busy though and my plans had to sort of move into the background. But they are still there and I would really like to make this not only a diary of my training but also a place for education.
So I will be trying to write more and get a little more content, than only my training logs. I hope that you'll like it!

Today I've also got a little goodie for you guys. I've been taking a picture of everything I've been eating for one day.

This was my "breakfast" on Wednesday. I ate this at about 14 o'clock. I had been fasting since 21 o'clock the night before so this was a rather big portion. Normally this would have been two portions, but I was really hungry after such a long time without food. The thing I did is called intermittent fasting. I will write an article about it as soon as my experimental phase is over.
What you see here, is about 500g of chicken breast, some steamed vegetables and some fresh raddish.

As desert I had ca. 100 g of heavy cream cheese with strawberries and some almond splinters. I told you I was hungry....

Later that day I had a Protein Shake, some walnuts, almonds and an apple. This is a typical snack I take about two times a day. Now, I know that the shake isn't optimal, but it's easy and quick and the prize is about the same as you'd have to pay for this amount of protein in real food. The only thing really bothering me is that it contains aspartame. But I'm telling myself that it is far less than what you'd get in e.g. diet coke or anything like this. So I guess it's ok to break with my "whole foods" rule.

Normally I would have had another warm meal at this point but as I had mentioned before I had already eaten a double portion as my first meal. Instead I had another shake, some nuts and strawberries. Yummie.

In the evening I had four scrambled eggs with full fat whip cream and one whole avocado.
I try not to get too many carbs before going to bed as insulin messes around with HGH (human growth hormone, you need this one for every growth process in you body, be it regenerational or new growth) production which is at it's peak during sleep. Also I tend to sleep better when I'm not skyrocketing my insulin before going to bed.

Now this might not have been a typical day, although the amount of food is more or less what I normally tend to eat during one day. You might have noticed that there is no bread, pasta, grains, rice, potatoes or any other starchy food involved in my eating. I have found for myself that these tend to bloat me up. Also they do nasty things to my blood sugar and therefore my insulin levels which sends me on an emotional rollercoaster depending on the heigth of my blood sugar. No kidding, I can feel my mood depending on how long it's been since I've been eating when I use a lot of starchy foods.
There are several other reasons why I leave out these types of food, but I will cover that in another article.

Now the promised video of me nearly fainting while doing a Power Snatch.

Power Snatch from Nico on Vimeo.

It doesn't look too bad, but for a short time I was seeing nothing but black.

Stay fit and see you soon!

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