Going Overhead

Workout of the Day:    

Overhead Squats 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

3 overhead any way @ 75% of bodyweight (65 kg)
6 Push Up
9 stiff legged Deadlift

11 rounds!!!!!

Today was the day! First time in what seemed to be ages since we've got some sort of good weather. This of course got motivation up! Also I had some stored up frust from university which really needed an outlet and what better way but to channel it into agressively attacking today's workout.

I hadn't been doing Overhead Squats for a while and during the warm up they felt a little awkward until I got my shoulders loosened up enough. I started out with 55 kg and got up to 67.5 kgon my last set. This was a huge PR as I my 1 RM lies at 72.5 kg. So doing 67.5 for three reps really got me exhilarated.

After the OHS my shoulders and arms were already pretty tired and I wasn't too optimistic rearding my perfomance on the workout. And the first five minutes seemed to prove my fears, but at around minute 10 I got into a very good rythm which I was able to keep until the end. After cleaning the weight from the ground I Push Jerked it all the time as this is the most efficient way to get heavy things over your head. This turned out to be a good decision as my shoulders were no issue at any moment during the workout.
After finishing I was devastated but also felt very happy about my eleven rounds! The feeling of acomplishment after doing a good job on a grueling workout is really what it's all about. Thanks to  René for keeping me from making breaks. It helps to have another voice but the inner one telling you to go on even though all you want to do is lie on the ground.
What's left to say? Great effort, great WOD! Also this has been the first time in weeks that I really got the intensity to the point it should be during all my workouts. I hope that I'll be able to maintain this for te future.

I wanted to take a video but the battery died after two or three minutes. I need to review the footage to see if it's worth the effort to edit and upload it.

That's it for today!

Stay fit and see you tomorrow!

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