Good Times

Workout of the Day

Pull Up 1 RM

Complete 7 rounds of:

max Pull Ups @ 50% of 1 RM (20 kg)
weighted stair sprints @ 20 kg

Today was an easy going day. I was able to get a little sleep in the afternoon and was well fed when going into today's workout. Also, Pull Ups are not as taxing for the whole body as most of the lifts I normally do. But I'm not going to complain. I feel I'm going to need the rest. Acutally, I've got quite a feeling in my gut that a Total is lurking around the corner. The workouts which have been programmed lately have often been of lower intensity (see today, no time limit). Also the workload has been rather low over the last days and the excercises which were chosen, allow to rest while being active, if you get what I mean. This normally signals the end of a cycle and a cycle normally ends with a CrossFit Football Total. Looking forward to seeing how I've improved since last time.
As for today. I started with 24 kg on the Pull Ups and worked my way up to 40 kg in steps of five. I did the Pull Ups on the tree in my garden. The branch is quite thick, which makes grip strength an issue. This wasn't any different today. Actually, I believe I could've done more Pull Ups on the WOD and maybe 5 kg more on the 1 RM, if it wouldn't have been for the thickness of the branch. But I'm far from complaining. I prefer working out in my garden even though it might bring its difficulties from time to time.

The weighted stair sprints didn't make the grip problem any easier. I used two 10 kg plates and tried to get two steps in one while sprinting up the staircase in my house. Luckiliy it was late enough so no one was around to get run over by me.
On the Pull Ups I managed to get 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 4. I kept rest low between round even though the workout description said to rest as needed. I wanted to get a little conditioning from this and I liked the challenge that with shorter rest periods grip strength became even more of a problem than it was anyways.

So much for today. Tomorrow's a rest day. I might even be able to write a little rest day post, but I don't want to promise things I can't hold, so nothing guaranteed here!
Meanwhile check out the CrossFit HQ for video footage of the qualifiers which are taking place at the moment all over the world. You'll see some pretty impressive performances there, I can promise you that. This is really getting me pumped! I know my performance is far from what you see there, but also it makes me want to get there even more!

Stay fit and keep it real!

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