Heavy Days

Workout of the Day:

Power Snatch 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1

10 Broad Jumps for maximum distance (2.50m)

20 x 10m Sprints (10 secs rest)

Well, the last two days have been quite heavy on the lifting side. Today I did Power Snatches for my SWOD. Starting at 50 kg I worked my way up to a double PR! The Snatches felt great and I was eager to break my previous best of 67.5 kg which is a ridicoulisly low number for somebody with my bodyweight. So I went for 70 kg on the first one rep set, which I pulled easily. Having licked blood I wanted more and put on another 2.5 kg leading to a weight of 72.5 kg. Now many of you might think that 2.5 kg is not much weight. Of course you are right. That's about the weight of 2 1/2 one liter bottles of water. But if you're on the edge already, 2.5 kg can make all the difference. After all, weightlifting championchips are often decided by just 500 g. Imagine that!! A world class lifter who can easily Clean&Jerk 200 kg giving a damn about 500 g?! Well believe me, when you're at the upper end of your limits, 0.5 kg make all the difference in the world.
But today was my day and I was able to pull the weight, also I nearly fainted afterwards.. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. Luckily it was just a very short moment. I've got a video which I will upload next time.

The broad jumps and the sprints were fun. It's nice to play around with stuff you did all the time when you were young but sort of abandoned, as soon as you got to the age where you start worrying what other people think about you. The sprints were ugly as always but at least the distance was too short to feel really sick afterwards.

So much for today. Let me tell you about Monday.
Strength WOD:
Front Squat 5x 1 @ 110 kg
Press           5x 5 @ 67.5 kg
Ring Dips    15, 12, 10

Daily WOD:
As many rounds in 8 minutes as possible of
3 Deadlifts @ 120 kg
5 weighted Box Jumps with two 5 kg plates

The strength stuff felt good. I was able to pr on the Presses. I had been stuck with 65 kg for 5x 5 for a while but yesterday was the day I finally got the 67.5 kg. Remember me talking about 2.5 kg making all the difference? Well here we go again.
I was happily surprised by my strength on the rings. I still struggle a lot with all the stabilization work you've got to managa while up on the rings, but I can feel my strength and confidence go up slowly but steadily!

On the DWOD I was able to get 7 rounds. The assigned weights for the workout were 140 kg on the Deads and 2x 25 kg on the Jumps. I tried jumping with so much weight and barely got ten centimeters above the ground so I decided to go lighter ( a lot lighter actually). On the Deadlifts I didn't even have to try. I know that 140 kg is too much for me to handle in a workout like this. Too easy will form break down and before you know it you've damaged yourself. The workout was still taxing and I believe I got a better metabolic effect from it, doing more rounds.
Here's a video of me doing yesterday's workout. I cut out the obscenely long scenes where I simply gasp for air before getting back to the Deadlifts.

Deads and Jumps from Nico on Vimeo.

That's it for tonight. It's late already and I'm going to get some sleep, now.

Stay fit and see you soon!

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