A missed Day

Yesterday's Workout:

5 rounds for time of

5 Power Cleans @ 75% of 1RM = 70 kg
100 m Farmers Walk with 2x 25kg Plates

I finished in 11:58 minutes (which is far too slow!!!) I should've killed this one but I took too long on setting up for the Power Cleans and rested too often on the Farmers Walk. This little bugger was going directly for your grip strength. During the last rounds the Farmers Walk was really getting hard to manage without setting down the plates every now and than, to allow the hands to relax for a second. The workload in this workout however has been relatively low and I didn't feel devastated afterwards. I guess I simply didn't push it hard enough.

In general, it's been a few busy days! I missed my Friday workout due to university and a concert. The concert was taking place at the Wasserparadies, a local swimming pool. I've never been listening to a concert while being able to enjoy bathing. Really cool experience. The crowd was going all crazy after some time and we danced in the water which is much more exhausting than it sounds.
Here's a link to the homepage if you want to check it out.

After having missed Friday's workout I was planning on doing a double day on Saturday. But the little sleep I got after the concert and the fact that I had been at the university the whole Saturday morning aswell, changed my mind. My legs were still sore from last Thursday's WOD and I was really lacking the energy to do two workouts so I decided to do the Friday WOD and leave out the Saturday one. At first I was a little sad beacause I really liked the WOD which had been assigned for Saturday. But I prefer doing this one on another double day, when I'm rested and fresh.

I took a video of the whole thing but wasn't able to upload it yet. At the moment our internet connection is very weak to say the least. It's been an up and down for the last week but somehow this weekend it decided to leave us with nothing but 56k modem speed. I guess you all can imagine how long uploading a video would take under these circumstances.

So I hope you'll forgive me my briefness. Rest assured that as soon as we got the internet back on track I'll be uploading the video for you!

While I'm gone watch the Southwest Regional Qualifiers for the upcoming CrossFit Games live and for free here so you'll get a hang of what I'm going to be up against next year! I'm shitting my pants allready!

Well, stay fit and see you soon (if the internet god is mercifull)

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