No time for nothing and no internet

I'm sorry for the long abscence. That wasn't planned at all. As you all know, I was in Spain last weekend. When I got back the internet was gone and it wouldn't return before Tuesday around midday. This meant that a lot of work piled up, with which I'm still not done with yet. On top of that I had my brother and my farther staying over for the last two days. This was of course great as I really enjoy their company, but it also meant less time for work.
The bottom line is that I didn't have any possibility/time to update the blog which really hurts me. I'll try to get a little wrap up of what's been going on over the last few days online by tonight, but no promises. Until then, just a quick glance at the beautiful time I've had in Spain.

Stay fit and see you soon!


  1. Menos mal que no has puesto la "otra" foto ;)
    Ánimo para estos días Crossfitero!

  2. That would've had my traffic skyrocketing, though ;-)