Tales of Feasts of Strength

Yesterday's WOD:
Complete 5 rounds of:

20-40-20 meter shuttle drill (you sprint 20 meters in one direction, turn, sprint 40 meters into the opposite direction, turn again and sprint back another 20 meters and end up where you started)
8 Kettlebell Swings
16 Push Ups
rest 1 minute

Well, yesterday I was working out with René. We went to our nearby playground to do the routine displayed above. I thought this would be a nice an easy go. "Just" five rounds and a one minute rest between rounds. Well, I must have missjudged or something else must've gone seriously wrong, because after the first round I was already gasping for air and was really, really happy about the one minute break.
I believe it's been the sprinting which got us. It just robs you of all the oxygen in no time and leaves you gasping for air, making every following move a double effort torture.
After round one I wasn't even able to do all 16 Push Ups consecutively. Not really how I expected things to go. I was starting to feel sick after a few rounds and this feeling stayed way after we had already finished the WOD. So much for the training part. Let's get to eating.

Here's a picture of a "honey-chicken" I did yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before cutting it in half.
I used a butter-honey-mixture with rosmarin and oregano to marinate the skin. Delicious!
Later I used the stocking to make the dressing for the salad.

Sorry for keeping it short today. Got stuff to do.

Stay fit and see you guys tomorrow!

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