Wonderfull Weather

Well, I've been enjoying the wonderful weather we've had all week long. I've been trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And who wouldn't, having such a beautiful garden just down the stairs.

Unfortunately, this means less time in front of the computer (well this actually is a good thing), thus less time to write the blog (this is the bad thing). But I'll try to make it up to you by documenting my outdoor activities and by writing high quality posts.

On Thursday we've had Dave's Birthday barbeque in our garden. I managed to get my workouts done before that. I did Squats and Rack Jerks from behind the neck. For the Squats the protocol was 5x 1, for the Rack Jerks it was 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. Now you might have realized that I write down stuff in different manners. In this example I did one rep for five sets on both excercises. I just write it down differently to know what my goal was, when I review my workout journal. 5x 1 means five sets of one rep with the same weight each time. 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 means five sets of one rep but with an increasing weight for each set.
My SWOD for Thursday looked like this:

Squats         5x 1 @ 155 kg (on my first set I used 157.5 kg [PR!!] but it was too heavy for all five sets)
Rack Jerks  70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 95 kg (PR!!)

Get what I meant? Very good!
You might remember that I've been struggeling with my Squats recently. Well I pr'd on Thursday so that's over with. The Rack Jerks felt very good aswell. I pr'd by 7.5 kg and could've gone for more. But I didn't want to overdo it.
My DWOD was "The Volkswagen". I don't know why the workout is called like that. Volkswagen are not known to be the strongest cars... but hey! A workout called after a german car producer? I'll take it!

The Volkswagen
21, 15, 9 for time of:
Benchpress @ 70 kg
Pull Ups

I finished in 5:35!! Hell yeah! Good one, I like it. Actually you are supposed to do the Bench Pressing at bodyweight. But I'm happy I scaled down a bit! It still was a killer.

The Volkswagen from Nico Bartke on Vimeo.

Afterwards we did the barbeque. I forgot to take pictures, but rest assured, we ate a lot of meat!

Well, it's late now and I want to get this online. But I've allready written the rest of the post, I just need to wait for the videos being uploaded. So rest assured that tomorrow there will be more!

Stay fit and enjoy!

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