A Short one on Snatching and Running

Workout of the Day

Power Snatches 8x 2

Complete 5 rounds of:
1 20 yard Four Cone Drill - Right Side Start
1 20 yard Four Cone Drill - Left Side Start
*rest as needed between efforts

Today I was able to apply what I had learned at Butcher's Lab over the weekend. I started out at 55 kg and worked my way up to 72,5 kg, which for two reps was a 5 kg PR! Nice! 
But I'm not satisfied. I mean I've gotten stronger, but the last two sets I didn't use the techniqu I had learned at the Cert. My feet were slow and I wasn't really jumping. I will have to repeat every day in order to burn the patterns into my muscles and my nervous system.
I had to do the second part of the workout later in the evening due to a university related meeting. For all of you who don't know what a Cone Drill looks like, follow the link to find a very good descrition with fotos.
This was fun stuff but very hard indeed. The sprinting doesn't seem to get any easier with the time. The faster you get the faster you go. The result is always that you feel like puking.
That's it for today. Need to sleep, tomorrow will be a busy day.

Here's a foto of me making it look like I was working out while I was in Spain.

Stay fit!

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