Pause from blogging

Hey everyone - there hasn't been a lot going on here over the last few month. I just can't find the time to blog at the moment.

As I'm still getting a lot of request regarding linking to someones page or writing about this or that, I thought it made the most sense to just let everyone know, that for now I won't be updating the blog anymore. That goes for posts as well as my list of CrossFit Gyms in Germany etc.
So please don't bother to send me request ;-)

If you want to get in touch, and are located in the Berlin area I suggest you check out our homepage: and come by for a CrossFit Probetraining.

I will still leave the blog online, as there is some good information on here and I might, at some point, get back to blogging.

For now, stay strong and see you at the Box!