CrossFit Online Programm Tag 82

Open Participants

Plan deine Strategie, deinen Pace und halt dich dran!!!


3rnds not for time
max reps strict chest to bar pull ups
1min rest

1x5 @75% of 5RM
1x3 @85%
1x max reps @95% try to go for max reps with perfect form

5rnds for time
200m run
200m row
1min rest
*try to hold your pace throughout all 5 rounds


3rnds not for time
bridge up *hold top of bridge for 5-7sec
1min handstand work

back squat
1x3 @70% of 5RM
1x3 @80%
1x3+ @90% try to go for 3 or more reps with perfect form

5 wall walk
7 strict c2b pull ups
9 thruster 45/30

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