CrossFit Online Programm Tag 86

Open Participants

open WOD 14.3


3rnds for max reps dips
12 push ups
1min rest

3rnds du ladder

10rnds for max meters
30sec @50% of your max pace
20sec @80% of your max pace
10sec @100% of your max pace (sprint)
*start rowing at an easy pace and hold the pace for 30sec. after 30sec speed up to about what it would be like if you’re rowing 1k and hold your pace for 20sek. after 20sec you sprint for 10sec. repeat 10 times. score is total meters rowed.


3x max reps strict dips
12 push ups

amrap 6
12 overhead squats 40/30
12 c2b pull ups

3min rest

amrap 3
3 overhead squat 60/40
3 muscle ups

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