CrossFit Online Programm Tag 88

Open Participants


5rnds not for time
max reps strict c2b pull ups
20 double under
2min rest

back squat
5x @40%
5x @50%
5x @60%

3rounds for total reps
1min burpees
1min db row (switch arms as you like)
1min shoulder to overhead 30/15
1min hang power clean 30/15
1min rest


3rnds not for time
20 hollow rocks
3 bridge up *hold top of bridge for 5-7sec
1min handstand work

back squat
1x5 @75% of 5RM
1x3 @85%
1x max reps @95% try to go for max reps with perfect form

emom 10
I. 200m run
II. front squat @50% 1RM

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