CrossFit Online Programm Tag 99

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not for time
100 hollow rocks
50 pull ups
*perform in any order

split jerk
1x5 @65%
2x4 @75%
1x3 @80%
1x2 @85%
4x2 @90%+

emom 20
5 pull ups
7 wall balls
*for every round not completed within the minute, row 100m. Add your meters and then row for time.


pick your greatest mobility weakness and work on it for 20min
bench press
1x5 @40% of 5RM
1x5 @50%
1x5 @60%
for time
500m row
20 burpees over the erg
15 c2b pull ups
25 hspu
15 c2b pull ups
20 burpees over the erg

500m row

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